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Player Character Name Backstory Class Insight status Core Weapon
Kyle Robert Yes Cleric 15 (+2) Prof Silvered Axe 1D6 Slashing, +0 Hit, +2 Dmg
Alex Zonatar Yes BarbarianNo Salma Maul 1 D8 Blugoning Str, +1 Hit, +3 Dmg, 2 Handed
Jonathan John YesDragon Rider10(+0) Silvered Sword 1D6 Slashing, Str, +2 Dmg, +2Spell Hit/Dmg
samuel AmicusYesWarlock 12 (+1)Silvered Crossbow Dex, 1D6 Piercing, +2spell hit/Dmg, 1 Slot
moritzAlkagolo NoBarbarianNoNo 1 Steel Material, 1 Iron material, 1 Ebony Material
AmberAmethystNoWarlockNoNo 1 Silver material 2 Ivory Materials


Core Weapons 101

How to obtain
A core weapon is granted to your character upon creation, based on your class and starting equipment will base the starting materials you get to choose from, 3 for a meele weapon, 2 for a ranged weapon. you will only gain one (or a set) Core weapon at the start of your playthrough, if this weapon is destroyed,sold, lost or stolen you cannot get a new one, you may be able to retrieve a stolen or lost weapon or repair a destroyed one depending on the details.

How to upgrade
Throughout the game your characters will find or purchase more weapon materials these can be full parts or scraps.
if you find a full part such as an iron blade you only need to find a forge and pay the smith to use it on your weapon, higher grade materials require higher levels of smiths.
you will find many scraps of materials, it takes 3 scraps of the same material to forge 1 weapon part and this weapon part is random.
There is a very rare and special material called Starfite. this material when forged onto your weapon won't replace the part but instead double all bonuses that part provides. for example forging a starfite core on a Silver core will turn its damage die from a D6 to 2D6

Wielding a core weapon
The Blueprint you chose will determine its damage type and wielding capabilities. all shown in the file above.

Proficiency Penalty When using a Core weapon with any tier two materials your proficiency bonus will he halved (Rounded down) for all hits made with the weapon, ability score bonus and other skill bonuses are applied as normal.

Weapon mechanics legend

Permanent: Means this upgrade is permanent and cannot be changed, think carefully
Set Bonus This bonus will only apply when your entier weapon is the same material.
Enchant-able: this weapon can be enchanted with the various weapon spells the game offers.
Un-Enchant-able: this weapon cannot be enchanted at all, usually happens when a blade or head of the weapon has an elemental damage. an inability to enchant a weapon overrides the ability to enchant it.

Core of weapon: The core usually determines the based damage die the weapon uses as well as its enchantibility, can also provide some added bonuses.

Blade or head of the weapon: Usually determines a bonus to damage for the weapon as well as maybe elemental damage.

Hilt or handle of the weapon: usually determains a bonus to hit, also determines the stat used to attack and deal damage such as dex, strength or finesse.

String: Bow only, determines both or either hit/ damage bonus as well as stat used strength dex or finesse.

Stock: cross bow only: special that determines both or either hit/ Damage bonus. also give the weapon slots used for the cross bow mods. all cross bows use Dex to hit and so that stat is Nil on all parts. you alsoget to choose one Lv1 mod for your crossbow.

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