Delta gives each of the party a hand made guide to the land of Exillis, its filled with information and has many blank pages ready to be filled.

So…what i have noticed after being here a few..Days? its hard to tell time here, i never thought i would miss the sun so much
Anyway, yes, Everyone seems to have a lantern including me. but not everyone? my owl Remi dosent have one and some people also do not have them, those candle stick guys..Uh sages i believe they are called…yea, they don't have one either!
i have learned that the lantern acts as a heart or soul…as well as a coin purse. the people don't trade gold or silver and i can understand why, if you can trade life itself for forged iron why bother with shiny coins?
i know the lantern can bring you back from the brink of death but it burns up its light doing so. think of it like a….uhhhh…i am not sure but basically you have a finite amount of light in your lantern, they have a physical form called Lumens that can be extracted at any time but ONLY by the lantern's owner. if your lantern runs out of light….bad stuff happens.

So i have mentioned them before but the people in this land trade small glowing crystals called Lumens. they are used for anything that coin is used for but it also keeps your lantern lit so don't be spending it all at once. you get more lumens the same way you would get any kinda currency, with work or trade.
i have noticed personally that some powerful beasts also carry lumens but they are not easy marks.
All lumens i am told originate from the capital, apparently the “Leader” of Exilis has the ability to create lumens at will….no wonder he is the big boss.
i have a real strong feeling this big boss is definitely not playing fair.

So remember when i said bad stuff happens when your lantern runs out of light?
well every tree you see in this land….it used to be a person, just like you. unfortunate souls for whatever reason ran out of light for thier lantern and the darkness took them.
what is worse is they don't trully die, they are still alive and somewhat aware of their surroundings…thats why they have those creeeeepy faces on the bark. it gives me the shivers just thinking that this could happen to me.
but not everyone becomes a tree straight away, some of these “Lost” as they are called, wander around. most are passive but some are not so and will attack anyone with light.
its best to just stay away from anyone you see with a silent lantern.

You have probably seen them by now, they are hard to miss, tall guys dressed in white and gold, usally have the ability to manipulate light to their whim. i have been working with them for a while now, they are loyal and have a strong moral towards keeping peace and protecting the innocent.
overall they are a bit blunt but always helpful when you need it.
just don't mention anything to do with sickness around them..they hate it.
i feel like although they are commanded by the government of this land they don't exactly agree with it.

This stuff is nasty, The sage's sworn enemy and rightfully so, i have seen one of the gardens first hand and let me tell you, you do not want to touch this stuff. its smart, its relentless and all it craves is to kill and multiply.
i have been told their is a Queen but I mean you can assume that easily with the way the virus behaves, its cunning and smart.
If you do get infected you only have a few days at best until it becomes irreversible but i have seen some creatures getting completely infected almost instantly, they turn into sickly creatures. seeing it first hand I reckon its worse then loosing your light.
the Gardens as they are called are very well contained at the moment but the sages are fighting it back around the clock.
Each Garden has a core, the core is some very very unfortunate soul who acts as the garden's heart so to speak.
From here the heart uses other bodies, living or dead to creat brood mothers, these creatures birth an endless supply of spawn that seek out bodies to infect.
these 3d party infected turn into the hornet looking creatures you see or more brood mothers, sometimes something even more terrifying.

This place even scares me, it fills you with dread and hopelessness. really really bad stuff is going on in that place. i got captured before i could completely explore but that place goes further down the rabbit hole then anything i have ever seen. its full of experimental patients as they try to artificially create orphans, you know those things you see sometimes, odd, transparent alien like creature.
The Professor their is a Litch and not a normal one. i have seen him before. many years ago he used to teach my Son.
This place is a cornerstone of secrets and terrible fates.
I reckon the professor holds the key to our way home.

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