Alias Kat
Race Shifter (Swiftstride)
Gender Female

Character Information

Class 5 Rogue (Assassin)
Born ?
Alignment ?
Affiliations ?
ProfessionAdventurer (???-???)

Physical Description




Kat has a magical journal that records her dreams including ones she may not remember when waking up. Around 12330 (7 years ago) the dreams foretold an event which came true, since proving her dreams were glimpses into the future, most disconnected and seemingly random people and their lives, a disturbing trend emerged. Whispers, secret letters, assassinations, all pointing to the re-ignition of the demonic war between Mor-Thir and the Nine Hells.

In 12332 (5 years ago) as Kat drew closer to answers (whether from curiosity or hope to find an opening), someone found out about her and put out a hit on Kat. The assassination attempt saw the death of her Wife and Child as their home burnt down, barely surviving the blaze Kat spent the next years restoring strength and gathering information on the killers.

The first two Nicolas Heliot and Ridley Umbra were easy to find but were dead ends. Hired mercenaries just given a target and a bag of gold. The third was an elven sorcerer, Halflar Mormys who often worked with planar travel. In a battle on the elemental plane of ice Kat heavily wounded Halflar, first removing his left arm at the shoulder and an arrow into his left eye but as Halflar fell limp his body disappeared into a instantaneous portal. Leaving Kat unable to confirm the kill.

With Halflar gone, Kat found his documents and journals around the time of the attempted assassination leaving two leads "Torment of Claws" and "Ansley Grimm" both somewhere in Sunwood. A year has passed without any information on Halflar, leaving the question if he died or went into deep hiding, but without any other leads Sunwood is the only option.

In a dream Kat saw an injured Halflar on the elemental plane of fire giving a brass dragonborn an ornate dagger and a human a set of armour. A few days later in a journey to Cros-Glas during Dance's visions Kat saw Halflar on a floating island in the elemental Plane of Air, warning that Vaughan someone is hunting him and should go into hiding before enter. Kat recognising Vaughan as the human from her previous dream.

Putting out feelers and using a favour with Ansley Grimm, Kat learns that Halflar has been missing for two years but provides an address to his tower in Gued Queston. Taking Tak and Zun the three travel to Halflar's tower where they break in, finding an elemental essence of mist guarding the home and the body of Halflar dead on the ground. After some tense discussion, departure, return and a fight, Zun casts speak with dead, first question calming the mist. Kat proceeds to ask and receive the following:

Kat: Who was involved in the attempted assassination of Katrina?
Halflar: Halflar Mormys, Nicolas Heliot, Ridley Umbra, Oddfang, and Vaughan Cedwyn

Kat: Who contracted you for the assassination on Katrina?
Halflar: The Ancient Assembly

Kat: Who was the brass dragonborn you met in the elemental plane of fire?
Halflar: Oddfang

Kat: What were the ashes in the ceramic vase?
Halflar: Journals, contracts, paper trails

With the questions complete, making a quick escape out of the tower from the essence of mist, the trio returned to Sunwood where Kat met with Ansley paying gold to confirm both were truthful, Ansley provided the same list as Halflar's body, having pieced together Kat's motives Ansley notifies that she's warned Vaughan, her business partner and close friend to leave town, but says Oddfang is in Sunwood and for an additional fee she'll provide details on him.



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