Name Takitar Sirruf
Race Dragonborn (Topaz)
Gender Male
Nationality Retonite

Character Information

Class Fighter
Born ?
Alignment ?
Affiliations Blackfyre
ProfessionAdventurer (???-???)

Physical Description

Height ?
Weight ?
Skin ?
Eyes ?
Hair ?



Takitar grew up on the outskirts of Dheggrim. Although looked down upon he and family were largely left alone as the dwarven city maintained some independence from the Reton Empire. When young his place was burnt down and family was killed. He was kidnapped by the assailants, who sold as a slave to a rich house in Lavenderbreak. Being a dragonborn he was made to do varies difficult tasks with minimal care given to him. After a few years he had gained quite a strong frame and a keen mind for devious action. These enabled him to kill a few guards one night and making an escape. He spent a week running to get out of town as he feared being hunted down. Living on the streets for a few weeks as a young teen was hard for him, until he was taken in by a group of rogues who looked after him.

With this group he grew up to be more of their mascot as he wasn’t the stealthiest and being strong, he was good at moving the stuff they needed. This group ended up taking him past his old hometown on the way to Queenstown. This gave him a chance to go past his old home. Going through the town he was unrecognised by all who lived in the town. On the block where his home once stood was a new place owned by an old couple. Of the two that lived there one recognised him as he was the town’s prior mayor who let his family move in. After a quick exchange of stories, they gave Tak a cane, the remaining object that didn’t burn down in the fire and thus was thought to belong to him.

This cane on Tak’s hands feels uneasy. And while he sleeps, he sees visions of that fateful night as if from the cane’s perspective. Tak’s father, a big black dragonborn defending his mother from 3 men in cloaks with a distinct sigil on their cloaks. Ending in his father and mother’s demise as they are set ablaze, Tak dragged away unconscious. Tak, keeping this to himself and keeping the cane that was his father’s, kept working with the rogues till he one day decided to try and find the group who did this to his family. Led by the sigil and his want for revenge, the visions the cane gives him became more fuel than nightmares.

This led him to travel across Covaina as a mercenary for hire. He ends up in Sunwood where a wizard hired him for a job and the team he has stuck with since.





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