Name Sarren Luhana
Race High Elf
Gender Male
Nationality Covanian

Character Information

Class Conjuration Wizard
Born 2nd Monday of Firemoot, 11871
Languages Common
Family Folluin (Father)
Kasula (Mother)
Aradoris (Wife)
Affiliations Reton Empire
Kingdom of Covania (Formerly)
Blinding Spear (Formerly)
Faith Oghma, the Wise God
Profession Court Wizard (12332-)
Soldier (12264-12285)
Scholar (12032-12264)

Physical Description

Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg
Skin: Light to medium tan
Eyes: Pale blue
Hair: Short white

Sarren is a 464 year old elven man, with great powers in conjuration magic, mainly focused around teleportation, he stands slightly taller than most other High Elves has short white hair, shaved on the sides. He typically wears robes or gowns varying in colour depending on the season, location, and event. He expresses himself through appearance and writings, with very few that know him ever hearing his voice. His silence and unblinking nature along with the sight he doesn't seem to walk often makes people dismiss or avoid him.

Read a short story for a narrative telling of Sarren’s history: Sarren’s Gambit

Born in 11,871 to a middle of the road family, not poor but not wealthy. He grew up as an only child in Sunwood, the Capital of Covania. During his education he was often rude and condescending to all around him. After completing schooling he sought to become a powerful conjurer but all wizards and sages turned him away a short while later for his insults and blatant pursuit of personal power rather than to help or better society.

The gift and curse
After turning 154, Sarren turned his back on finding a mentor and taught himself and looked for greater sources of power. Eventually finding a crone deep in the Gatiby Jungles, who granted him the skills and knowledge he wished for at the cost of a curse. From that moment forward if Sarren speaks over 100 words the crone will end his life and claim his soul. The limit of words unknown to Sarren at the time but very well aware of the cost if he were to speak the final words.

In the early days and years of the gift and curse, Sarren struggled through keeping quiet. He kept count of the words he spoke either accidentally or out of necessity, as a growing reminder of the risk of each word. While the gift wasn’t immediately apparent, he found he could quickly learn new concepts and rituals much faster and easier than anyone else, the problem however was that many rituals and spells required spoken components, drawing him closer to the cold grasp of the crone each time he attempted to further his goals and study.

Changed ways
After returning home to Sunwood in 12,032 at the age of 161 and keeping to himself, Sarren found that if he were to succeed in he need to change his ways, his curse led him to think before acting and speaking. He grew humble and understanding; he sought to rebuild bridges he burnt. Many still turned him away, thinking about his actions as a ruse. Eventually he befriended two powerful arch mages.

Agrebeus, Spell Changer. A transmutation wizard that aided Sarren over 50 years in creating a formula to change spells to remove their vocal components but at a much greater material cost and a year of work to make a single conversion.

Etior the Diviner, one of the highest ranking priests in Covania that worshiped Oghma, the Wise God. Sarren desperate to know how many words he had left devoted himself to learning Oghma’s ways and shared knowledge he discovered with his peers, eventually gaining favour with the Etior and thr Wise God, who granted the answer his question.

Love & Health
During Sarren’s travel to spread knowledge and learning across the Golden Coast and through the Narod Desert. In 12,257 while in Ferrabreeze, he had met a purple Tiefling named Aradoris, who at a young age became profoundly deaf because of malformed horns. The two quickly got along rapidly passing notes when together and sending letters to each other whenever Sarren wasn’t around.

Sarren pushed many of his studies to the side, beginning work on creating spells and tonics to heal his new found love’s hearing. After just three years, he performed the rituals and procedures required. “Will you marry me?” the first words he had spoken in a decade and the first words she had heard in nearly three decades. The two married a couple months later on the first dawn of 12,261.

Unknown - Joined Blinding Spear
12264 - The Ashlem war begins
~12285-12285 - Blinding Spear disbanded and death of the Luhana family

Pursuit for time
In the War's wake and loss of all he loved, Sarren sought to bring down the Kingdom of Covania. Fleeing to Reton, marked as a traitor to the Kingdom, he knew no matter what he did it wouldn’t bring those people back. Knowing this, Sarren found an isolated island, where he started developing and researching spells to change time itself. All while under the guise of Duke Miguel Rollo’s court wizard.

Luhana Family


Folluin & Kasula: Both High Elves and birth parents of Sarren, died in 12286 at the ages of 783 and 742
Aradoris: A purple tiefling born in 12223 and died in 12286 at the age of 63

Friends & Mentors

Agrebeus, Spell Changer:
Etior the Diviner:

Blinding Spear

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