Valefor / Zyllis the Blinding Spear
Soldier, Leader, Traumatised

Class: Equinox Sentinel (Paladin / Warlock)
Race: Warforged

Character Information

Background: Veteran Soldier
Born:1st Monday, SeedMoot, 10,744
Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages: Common, Infernal, Elvish, Orcish, Draconic
Tools: Medical Tools, Chess Gaming set.
Gear: Simple & Martial Weapons, Shield, All Armour
Saves: Wisdom, Charisma
Profession: Soldier, Guardian
Affiliation: Blinding Spear, Calamity Bloodline
Faith: The Crawler

Physical Description

Height: 6.5ft / 198cm (Medium)
Weight: 330Ibs / 150kg
Complexion: Light Grey
Eyes: Purple
Hair: White
Gender: Genderless


Level 11
(Paladin 3, Warlock 8)
Health Armor ClassP.Perception
Saving Throws
+1 Medicine
+0 +(Tools)
Animal Handling
+0 Nature
+4 Perception
+7 Performance
+4 Persuasion
+4 Religion
+0 Sleight of Hand
+8 Stealth
+1 DisAdv
+0 Survival

Feats & Ability Score Improvments

Level 4: Polearm Master
Level 8: Charisma +2
Level 12: Heavy Armour Master
Level 16: Tandem Tactician
Level 20:

Eldrich Invocations

Warlock LevelInvocation
Level 2: Improved Pact Weapon
Devil's Sight
Level 5: Thirsting Blade/ Otherworldy Leap
Level 7: Eldrich Smite
Level 9: Misty Visions
Level 12: Life Drinker
Level 15: Myriad of Many Forms

Prepared Spells

Ability 3 Cantrips, 6 Paladin Spells
Save DCModifier
16 8
Cantrips: Prestigitation, Mage Hand, Eldrich Blast
1st lvl Spells: Protection from Good/Evil, Shield, Cure Wounds
2nd lvl Spells: FindSteed,
3rd lvl Spells:Counterspell, Dispel, GasForm, Blinding Smite
4th lvl Spells: Dimension Door,
5th lvl Spells: Banishing Smite,
6th lvl Spells:

Spell Slots

1st lvl2nd lvl3rd lvl
3 2 0
4th lvl5th lvl6th lvl
2 0 0
7th lvl8th lvl9th lvl
000 000 000

Magic Markings

Origin Mark:

Zyllis is a natural born leader, his efforts in battle always strive to protect civilians and his soldiers, he is always on the front line and will give his life for those he protects.
Evil forces that seek to oppress or dominate innocent civilians are reserved special hatred by Zy, Known as the Arbiter during the Ashlem war, His word was final and he would always solve disputes by crossing blades.
Zyllis is mostly seen as calm, cold and collected, he dose not mix words being very blunt and talks over others to get his point across quickly. In certain situations such as at the climax of battle of when facing certain foes he has been known to 'loose his cool' as described, Beholders, Betrayers and abusers of great power are some of these types of foes.
Zy is an expert with spear fighting, Covert operations as well as battle tactics, His methods although cruel and morbid are excellent at getting information from the unwilling. He is a loyal ally to the end.
Zyllis tends to take first impressions as gospel and doesn't take kindly to childish behavior.
Zy enjoys reading fictional books and playing the baord game chess.
After he was woken up by Dallas things have not been the same and is merrly a shell of the man he used to be.
See Also Task Force: Blinding Spear

Valefor goes by the name Zyllis to all who know him other then family and very close friends from the past. Valefore was the name he was given at birth as a Demon but has since been Reborn as a Warforged, Prompting the name change.

Physical Appearance
Zylluis's Body is completely featureless, no body hair, moles, scars or finger nails, not even his hair is normal hair instead its made of the same substance as the rest of his body just shaped differently.
His entire body is made of an incredibly dense clay with a single large amethyst soul core at his center.

Zyllis is cold, calm and logical. He can come across as harsh or blunt when attempting to help others.
Mercy and remorse are alien concepts to him and normally takes first impressions of others as gospel.

What he lacks in social skills he makes up for in compassion. The people are what he is protecting and he is always the one on the front line facing the problem. normally making it top priority for others in his command to save civilians as he fends off the danger alone.
Zyllis is always on the front lines of battle, leading his forces by being the first to charge.
Every soldier or citizen that falls under his command/ protection is moored and buried by Zyllis himself.
Zyllis has never been known to retreat or backdown from a threat.

Zyllis never sleeps and so is often the one to take the watch.
Zy would much rather spend his sleepless nights with the local guards on night watch rather then sit alone. The nights get lonely when you can never rest. he tries to keep himself busy often by playing his favorit game chess with other guards or swapping stories. Zyllis used to read books offten, classic fictinal stories about a prince saving a princess and other such stories normmaly reserved for children's bedtime but after the war it seems his love for a happy story has fadded…or more accuretly been swollowed by trauma.

After The War
After the war. After the atrocities Blinding spear wrort. After Zyllis's revenge on the traitor was taken he was never the same.
His elf confidence took a sharp nose dive as every decison he made was questioned by himself.
Visions of te past hauted him, his time in Stowjaw, the blood spilled on the battle field. the soldiers he lost and the murders he commited.
Zyllis is wrapped by guilt and a shattered self confidence and the visions of his past only enhanced by his pateron and otherself who mocks him to no end.

Background Details
Blinding Spear and its members are wide spread knowledge, their work during the Ashlem war is told in song, stories and history, Not the main cause of celebration but a famous name nonetheless.
The names of specific members are less known then the task force itself.

Zyllis always seeks to gain a high authority in the government/ kingdom of the land he resides, working his way up the chain of command quickly with his skills and management as a leader.
Being as close to the leader's as possible is always the prime location to be when you need to dethrone them, He taught this to all his members of Blinding Spear.

Blinding Spear was hailed as war heroes including all its members, it is also known for being the first on the lines to begin purging the outlawed races. to some this as seen as a true Hero, to others including Blinding spear themselves its seen as genocidal murderers.

Memories of previous battles haunt my mind, as soldiers we are expected to kill when ordered as a smith is to hammer steal or a farmer is to harvest crops. But after being around so much taken life it causes terrible memories, i have been told i am blessed as i don't need to sleep i don't experience nightmares…but the hell that is the quite at the dead of night when all others are asleep….thats when i scream for help the loudest.

My team, my friends the soldiers i lead and lost, i comited terrible crimes against our honour….i don't blame my team, i was their leader and as the leader i must accept their mistakes as my own. and so it was my fault alone. we were betrayed by one of our own. instead of helping my team through the hardest time of their lifes i abandoned them in a desperate search for revenge, as if it would cleanse my sins….but all it did was drown me in hatred. everything after my revenge was taken is a blur. the next thing i knew was slaying a beholder after waking from stone.

I don't see anything more important then the saftey of the people, its who i, who we fight to protect. the land is just land, our leaders are not leaders without the people who we protect. i will always go to thier aid when needed and will fight till my dying breath for their safety.

My Time in Stowjaw has been my key source of torment, its what it feeds on, its what i am abused by, its what no matter how hard i try i cannot surpress, forget or erase those memories. Any type of imprisonment starts bringing back the days i spent, the hot lashes, the chaining, the faceless wardens. Sometimes i wonder if the memories come to torment or to remenis…
Seen Also: Scraps of Stowjaw

A new Breed of Warforged
Zyllis wandered into Nabilhime as a young boy lost and confused, not knowing who or what he was just the vauge memory of a terrifying monster he had escaped. He was taken in by the commander of the cities guard, A lady by the name of Seril who gave him the name Zyllis and raised him as her own.
When he showed talent and intrest in combat combined with his natually nature to help Seril begun training him as a Paladin in her guard.
See Also The Fall of Nabilhime

Gods and Paterons

Zyllis was raised and trained as a Paladin, taking his oath at a very young age he sought to protect those that could not protect themselves and punish those that were abusing their power.
Being as young as he was he tended to lean towards large swords as his weapon of choice and after many blunders with those bladed weapons his master Seril handed him a spear.
Zyllis's distaste was obvious but it was soon apparent that he was a natural with the pole arm even surprising himself at how well he was able to wield it.

After the invasion on Nabelhime Zyllis was caught at a moments weakness, one of the Eldrich Paterons saw this and took the opportunity to make a pact with the Paladin. however what no one saw coming was the crushing presence of an Eldrich power far greater. An old god by the title of The Crawler Had taken a quick notice to the mortal known as Zyllis and burrowed its presence deep within his existence, completely overwhelming the connections to his Paladin God and Warlock pateron. But there were not severed, instead filtered, or re-written.

Since that Day Zyllis's has been infected with his negative emotions, traumatic memories held hostage in his mind never letting him forget or move on. as they pile up he begins to loose himself until he snaps.

Zyllis in the Sealing of Narkul
Zyllis had been contacted by the leaders of the land to prevent the coming disaster known as the Lich Narkul. His skills as leader of Blinding spear had caught the attention as they pleaded with him and few other very skilled warriors/ adventurers to seal away the lich before he gained power once again. Accepting the job as nothing more then that fact he set off with the others.

Zyllis in The land of Exilis
One of Blinding spear was a traitor, they fled just before judgment could fall on them, Zyllis took the few remaining members of Blinding spear and followed the traitor to Exilis.

Zyllis in the Rise of Narkul
After the events of Exilis Zyllis Returned but not as himself, consumed by anger and hatred he wandered the land of Reton as a machine with only the basic functions left opperating. by chance he managed to wander into a beholder's lair and turned to stone.
Many years later a group of adventures managed to stumble into this same lair, thier fight with the beholder awakened Zy from his stone prison. Still acting on enxstinct he helped slay the Beholder. Only knowing his name there was a bit of a scuffel before he set out wandering again, not remebering anything in a sort od safe mode state until he was found by Dallas.

Zyllis in The Greyhawk Rebelion
Sometime has past since being turned to stone in Carric's keep, a group of adventures managed to free him and in kind he bested the Beholder for them before turning on his unknown saviors. It took a few days but eventually Zyllis regained his compositor and remembered himself, Returning to Duke Fedric only to find he had been killed.
Devastated he could not bare the failure and had to take time to reflect on the situation.
Eventually his wandering lead him back to the keep but now with a small force occupying it.

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