Bemin 'The Fist' ​
NameBeminPlayerAlexRaceMale LizardfolkLevel04
Age?Birth1st Monday of Frostmoot 2335
HP 28AC 16SPD 400ft. Init +3
WIS16(+3) Insight, Perception, Survival
CHA10(+0) Persuasion
LanguagesCommon & Draconic
ProficienciesSimple Weapons, Artisan & Leather Worker

An Entry of the Tales of Bemin

An under appreciated craftsman, Bemin had little personal history - some say a result of a lizard man just trying to survive, some say a result of poor characterisation. Regardless, not much is known about Bemin and Pinga’s Monastery, whence he allegedly came.

After being target practice one too many times and being no impact on the story, he left it in search of a purpose and a grain of personality. Upon leaving the party, Teo slipped a short letter into Bemin’s travel bag.

“Fast as a whip snake, as strong as 10 men, Bemin, our friend and our hero. They way he spoke was strange but a solid ground for us. He commanded in battle; He leads us to victory. Maybe he wasn’t the most clever lizard man there was, but he got us through anything we had to. We will miss him, I will miss him
Goodbye friend”
- Teostra Decota

Bemin's secrets

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