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Pre-City of Cinders: Paik was abandonded at birth, his parents unknown to him. Paik was taken in by a group of street urchins, scavenging for scraps of food, during this time Paik was told thought he was a Drow, a dark Elf. Around 5 years old when playing a game of hide a seek with the other children accidentally discovered his true self when trying to figure out a way to hide in plain sight.
Paik's life changed very quickly after this, as when the leaders of the group found out they were scared of Paik, selling him to a local gang where he met Fate and Choice, Tiefling twins who were also new to the gang.
City of Cinders:

Pre-Paik: Fate and her twin brother Choice, grew up being trained by a gang after their parents had given them up due to unpaid debts, the two were trained as pickpocets to help pay off their parents debts.
Paik: After Paik was sold to the gang for his abilities, he quickly became a skilled thief and became close friends with Fate and Choice, often Paik turned into one of the two to provide a diversion and confuse the targets.
During a botched job at the age of 10, Fate was killed by the target after being caught, after the event, Paik vowed to Choice with his permission to keep the memory of Fate alive by becoming her. Choice agreed on one condition, don't kill the man who killed Fate, haunt him and Fate's visage, make sure he never forgets. During this time Choice taught Paik a few cantrips and spells.
Paik has a soft spot in his heart for Fate, one of his first true friends and now one of his permanent alter egos. Around 16 Paik and Choice were trained to become bounty hunters, at 18 buying their freedom, they no longer work together but keep in contact, giving information to each other.
City of Cinders:

Pre-Paik: Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby, a relic of the old worlds, born of a noble family with no power, only a fancy name left in the new age. Reginald by all acounts is a kind hearted man. Growing up he was taught to always be kind, caring, and respectful.
Paik: Unfortunately for Reginald, Paik wanted another permanent alter ego, Paik now 18 and free began studying Reginald's life while continuing bounties to sustain himself eventually killing Reginald when he was 15 and taking over his life for the next 8 years while study in Reginald's place. Paik learnt his skills as a bard and with a rapier during his time as Reginald.
None except Reginald's little brother grew suspicous after the swap, many passing off changes as Reginald getting ready to leave home and puberty. Once “Reginald” reached 23, he left the family to live his own life. Paik at this point was 26 and started accepting bounties again within the City
City of Cinders:

Pre-Paik: Roshia Kelna,
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Player Kyle Race Changeling
Level 1 Class Bard (1)
Alignment ?? Death Saving 0-Successes 0-Fails
Hit Points 10 Passive Perception ?? - Insight ??
AC 13 Birth
Speed 30ft Hit Dice
Initiative +dex_r Hit Dice Used 00
Bouns +2 Hit Dice Total 1d8
Age ~30 Join C5-S01
Status Alive Leave C5-S00
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
str_n(+str_r) dex_n(+dex_r) con_n(+con_r) int_n(+int_r) wis_n(+wis_r) cha_n(+cha_r)
@@STR Saving@@ @@DEX Saving@@ @@CON Saving@@ @@INT Saving@@ @@WIS Saving@@ @@CHA Saving@@
Prof Skill Mod Prof Skill Mod
@@Acrobatics@@ Acrobatics 0 @@Medicine@@ Medicine 0
@@Animal Handling@@ Animal Handling 0 @@Nature@@ Nature 0
@@Arcana@@ Arcana 0 @@Perception@@ Perception 0
@@Athletics@@ Athletics 0 @@Performance@@ Performance 0
@@Deception@@ Deception 0 @@Persuasion@@ Persuasion 0
@@History@@ History 0 @@Religion@@ Religion 0
@@Insight@@ Insight 0 @@Sleight of Hand@@ Sleight of Hand 0
@@Intimidation@@ Intimidation 0 @@Stealth@@ Stealth 0
@@Investigation@@ Investigation 0 @@Survival@@ Survival 0
Languages Common, Elvish, Infernal
Proficiencies Rapier
Tool Proficiencies Lute, Cards
Spell Casting Ability Charisma
Save DC 13 Modifier +5
Level Slots Spells
Cantrip - Prestidigitation, Vicious mockery
1st 2 Cure wounds, Dissonant whispers, Identify, Silent image.
2nd 0
3rd 0
4th 0
5th 0
6th 0
7th 0
8th 0
9th 0
Platinum Gold Silver Copper
? ? ? ?
Item Stats
Item Stats

<const> str_n=@@STR Score@@ str_c=(str_n - 10) / 2 str_r:str_c

dex_n=@@DEX Score@@ dex_c=(dex_n - 10) / 2 dex_r:dex_c

con_n=@@CON Score@@ con_c=(con_n - 10) / 2 con_r:con_c

int_n=@@INT Score@@ int_c=(int_n - 10) / 2 int_r:int_c

wis_n=@@WIS Score@@ wis_c=(wis_n - 10) / 2 wis_r:wis_c

cha_n=@@CHA Score@@ cha_c=(cha_n - 10) / 2 cha_r:cha_c </const>

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