Rarity Trade & Sale

The store is a decent size shop with 3 floors, a basement, Ground floor and first floor with an attic for personal living.

The ground floor is for all normal sales, the first floor is for exclusive deals and the basement is a social area / Storage.

The store is located in Hazelpost, a very large seasonal city with some of the highest foot traffic in the land being the first town on the border between Reton and Corvia.

Its a nice store with just the right amount of design to capture passers by attention but most of the customers learn of this shop by word of mouth.


The store stocks basic to very high quality magic items, things from basic Enchanted weapons to some legendary artifacts.
The store also stocks rare treasure items and hard to find alchemy/ spell ingredients as well as a selection of potions found of crafted by a local alchemist, friends with the Store's owner Delta.

Stock is stacked during the off months and refreshed every two days during the on months.


The owner of the store Delta spends the off months adventuring around the land, Dungeon diving for any shiny item she can find. These items are stored and eventually placed in the basement of her shop.
The store is heavily guarded by watchful eyes
Word gets around that Delta will hunt down and publicly exacute anyone foolish enough to try and steal from her. It keeps a majority of thieves at bay but some still get through and Delta has the greatest skills to be able to track find and kill any prey.

During the on months the store is open 5 days a week, Delta spending 2 days while the store is closed to Dungeon dive into the local Shift ruins. A magical place that moves on its own. The items there are not the rarest but are enough to keep stock topped up.

More VIP customers can come and request specific items for Delta to track down.
these custome orders come at a high price but its with delta’s garantee or they get the item for half price.
Orders are taken during the on months with a small service fee to take Delta’s attention away from the ground floor.
and offical hunting dosent start till the off months, Delta has until the store opens again to find these items. A maximum of 5 of these special orders can be taken at a time.

Hazelpost was alive with activity, with the first official day of trade season just around the corrner the streets are packed with people from all across the country and further still.
The more experienced pedlers had gotten in a few days earlier and set up their stalls in prime locations. Customers and sales-folk were rolling in by the wagon load, eager to buy, sell and trade. Hazelpost's trade season wouldn't officially start until after the festival planned to happen tomorow but trade is always eager and there was no hold on bargains and deals being settled in this city.
The Red headed Tabaxi known as Delta weary from the long journey, pushing past the crowd of people swarming the main road, keeping to the edges of the road to avoid the congestion, being as short as she is it was hard to see where she was going so keeping away from crowds was key to not getting too lost. Incredibly large animal ears the same brilliant crimson as her hair and tail acted as a beacon for her location in the sea of travelers and traders. Her large hunter blade strung tightly to her back to avoid it getting knocked around, dust and sand clung to her chocolate dark skin from the days travel in the desert.
Her large Eagle named Remington perched atop her head to get a better vantage point, trying hard not to dig his talons into Delta's head.
Despite Hazelpost's location being on the edge of the Corvanian desert it was quite chilly. the winds from the sea blew right into the city, keeping this part of the land a low temperature most of the year but very dry also. Aside from that Hazelpost was built almost entirely from carved stone and sandstone. it was rare for buildings to be built of timber or foreign stone as the sandstorms would erode it away quickly. the best materials were the ones that were already in the ground and had shown they could withstand the weather. About an hours travel north of Hazelpost was a place known as the shifting ruins, ancient magical ruines burried in sand that come alive and open up on the first day of trade season.

Delta is on her way to her new Shop, she has traded her services as a hunter for a property in Hazelpost that was worth far more then any normal paying job. it had been renovated and cleaned up to Delta's specifications all she has to do was unlock the door and set up her stock….and find the store. she had the address but with so many people about it is hard to catch her bearings
''Ah, jeeze this is kinda ridiculous Remi, do you see where it is?“ Delta spoke in Infernal to Remi as it was the only lauguage he understood, Remi gave out a big CAW followed by a few other mubels and squeaks that somehow translated into infernal for Delta.
Delta tried looking over the crowd. “You see it? up ahead? alright.” Delta scooted over to the opposite side of the road pushing through the swarm of people, someone steps on her tail as she makes the journey making her yelp in pain, quickly grabbing her tail and holding it out of range from further foot attacks.

The noise and hustle was getting to her as everything started to blur in a mess of the senses, loosing track of where she was going it was a loud CAW from Remi that brought her back. she looked around gathering her bearings and by some miricle or Remi's expert navigation she was infront of the store.
Delta Tails, Trade and Sale Read on a sign bolted above the front door, Large and very well decorated it was worth paying the extrad to get it done properly.
“Remi, Remi! look there it is, we made it.” Delta feeling excitement swelling up rushed the front door. shoved the keys in and burst through. the ring of the bell as the door brush past it was like music to her ears. The door shut behind her as she looked around.
The renovators had done a fantastic job, everything was the way Delta wanted it. the floor was neatly arranged with glass cabinets and shelves for stock. There was a large desk for her to sit and watch the shop. Delta could already see customers filling her store the smile on her face couldn't be taken.
“Oh Remi, its beautiful, its exactly as I imagined it, soon we will have these shelves filled and customers in, no more slaying beasts for a living for us, that's now a hobby…This is our passion” she gestured to the room. Remi didn't seem too interested and went to perch on a location made just for him.
“Im going upstairs to see where we will be living.” Delta lit a few lanterns with a flick of magic flame before heading upstairs. A bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and study was all up here in generous sizes. all furnished and ready to go.

Delta could hardly contain her excitement as she darted from room to room. She threw herself into her bed as a way to calm her self.
“It’s FANTASTIC!” She cried out to anyone that would hear. But nobody responded other then a small cry from Remi. Her kids were all grown up now and din't need her around to look after them. Chaos and Teo had both moved out and found places of thier own, Bastian was still living at home but he mostly kept to his gardening. Jellal, Delta's husbaned was the perfect stay at home dad but he never really grew out of that phase and Delta craved adventure.
This was the next chapter of her life. 3 months of every year would be spent here at hazelpost during peak trade season. She mumbeled in her thoughts for a good half an hour before raising from the bed again.
“Alright, Festival is in a few days. then trade offically starts.” Deltatook off her shirt and pants being full of sand and dirt from the trip. she mad sure the window curtins were drawn so no peepers could catch a glips of her.
“so i gotta unpack things from downstairs. probally rest up a bit get my layout sorted….uhh go see the festival in its first night.” Delta headed back down stairs lost in her own thoughts when the ring of the bell being knocked by the oppening door sounded. Two men that seemed like locas of corvania came through chatting to one another and froze as they both saw delta standing on the stairwell covered in only her underwear looking quite red and embarrased. the two equally red quickly took as much of a glimps a they could before appoligising and backing out of the store as if the haste spell had been cast, Delta rushed to the door and locked it as it closed.
“It wasnt locked?! REMI! why didn't you lock it?!” delta whisper shouting. not even an hour and her store's image could have been ruined. all remi could do was show his wings and say something along the lines of 'i can't lock doors'

Delta grumbling to her self made sure the door was locked, testing it a few times and made sure all the curtains were drawn.
Mubling and cursing under her breath she tried to shake that encounter from her mind before heading down stairs into the basment. a second flight of stairs running down from behind the front desk. Traviling down into the dark, casting a produce flame spell to light her way. As exspected all of her stock was neatly stored in crates down here as well as various living supplies such as food, cooking equipment, clothes etc. Delta got to work unpacking the rarest of items first. “There deffently won't be enough room for all this in the displays. better prioritise the fancy stuff first, gotta make a good first impression.”
After a few hours the afternoonlight had turrned to the comming dusk, Light quickly fadded and only the flicker of torches and lamps kept the darkness at bay. Delta just finishing up her display whipping her brown and stepping back to take in the work smiling to herself.
The shelfs on the walls filled, no armour stand stood naked, the cabinets were filled with jewels, rings and other shiny trinkets. The place is buzzing with magic energy, she thought she might need to put some caution signs against casting spells such as
detect magic
Remi seemed to start dozing off, the long days of flying are catching up, However Delta was on a high of excitement.
Setting up the store had given her a burst of energy, she wanted to use it to explore the city before the festival kicked off, maybe she could get some early trade and make some good connections. She tidied up her outfit and equiped her blade, even if this was a city of trade going out unarmed was a foolish mistake. She let Remi sleep as she collected her things and left the shop, locking up behind her.

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