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After Exilis

Johm and Sapheria made it back to the Mortal realm carrying the Livion Virus with them. There next move is unknown but the Virus mother keeps watch over them.

“Ragoth” John Smith
Name John Player Race Draconic Angel Level 01
Alignment LG Class Dragon Rider (1) Status Alive
Age 00 Birth
HP 9 AC 13 (15) SPD 30ft. Fly 20ft Init +2
Bonus +2 Passive Perception 00 - Insight 00 Join C3-S01 Leave C3-S00
STR 16 (+3) Athletics
DEX 14 (+4)
CON 12 (+1) Save
INT 10 (0) Investigation
WIS 10 (0) Perception & Survival
CHA 11 (0) Save
Languages Common & Draconic
Core Weapon
Name Unknown
Type Unknown
Core Unknown
Hilt Unknown
Blade Unknown
Weight Unknown
Purity Evolution This weapon currently dose not qualify for this upgrade

The dragon riding a dragon

John Smith:
A rare Draconian that has spent most of his life in the high mountains. Upon entering his young adult years he had learned just how rare his particular race was and decided to leave his home in the mountains to find others like him. With his own young dragon chick by his side he set off.

He has journied far and wide with no luck at all. Starting to loose hope when he landed uo in a large sailing city in the east his appearance caught the attention of a Red headed tabaxi Women who could not stop asking questions.
Delta was obviously a fan of dragons and got to talking with John. Learning his story Delta made a deal. She would ferry him accros the ocean in exchange for him joining as a member of her crew and a dragon egg of her own.

Although john responds well to creatures, humans are not one of them, Jellosy likes to follow him, some hunters have even tried to capture him. John has become cautious of new people and has a fear of being trapped in small spaces or having his freedom restricted. He dosent do well underground. He also has a fear of loosing his dragon companion.

John will often help with the heavy lifting and is often first to the front line for battle.

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