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Robert Knight

Cleric, Coroner, Drunkard.

Robert Knight
Name Robert Player Kyle Race Human Male Level 03
Alignment CN Class Grave Domain Cleric (3) Status Alive
Age 32 Birth
HP 18 AC 11 (13) SPD 30ft. Init +0
Bonus +2 Passive Perception 12 - Insight 14 Join C3-S01 Leave C3-S??
STR 11 (0)
DEX 10 (0)
CON 12 (+1)
INT 10 (0) History & Religion
WIS 15 (+2) Save Insight & Medicine
CHA 5 (-3) Save
Languages Common, Elvish, Abyssal & Infernal
Proficiencies Light & Medium Armour, Simple Weapons, Shields

(C) Cleric - (G) Grave domain

Spell Casting Ability WIS
Save DC 12 Modifier +4
Level Slots Spells
Cantrip - Light (C), Sacred flame (C), Spare the dying (C)
1st 4 Bane (G), False life (G), Healing word (C), Cure wounds (C), Identify (C)
2nd 2 Gentle repose (G), Ray of Enfeeblement (G), Locate object (C), Lesser Restoration (C)
3rd 0
4th 0
5th 0
6th 0
7th 0
8th 0
9th 0
Core Weapon
Name The Interrogator
Type One-Handed Axe
Core Ebony 1d6
Hilt Ivory Dex
Blade Silver Silver
Weight Unknown
Purity Evolution This weapon currently does not qualify for this upgrade

History: Robert was a cleric taught in the way of Tyr God of Justice that has been deeply wronged by those who should have been those closest to him, as far as he thinks
Robert's parents died suddenly and although the official report says it was natural Robert knows something sinister was a foot. what concreted his decision is that nothing was left for him in his parents will it all went to his younger brother.
His faith shifted as his clerical studies changed to something darker turning to the temple of Kelemvor Judge of the Dammed as he searched for answers.
He ended up on the east coast in a large sailing town where he drunk his nights away, falling deeper into a vicious cycle of violence drugs and isolation.

One particular night Delta had just returned from a voyage and was treating her friends Bemin and Jorgan to an evening of drinks, something about her loud upbeat attitude must have rubbed Robert the wrong way, already pissed he staggered up to Delta giving her a piece of his mind. when a large draconian stood between him and her and pushed him away was when things turned ugly.
the fight was brief and made Delta laugh but for a Cleric 4 sails less then a dingy he was a decent fighter and his vitality was nothing to scuff at.
After Robert had sobered up a bit Delta met with him in private and got to know his story, although he was stubborn at first something about Delta's words must have warmed him up.

Delta offered Robert help in his quest for answers if he joined her crew. being a blood hunter Delta convinced Robert that if anyone could help him find lost secrets it was her.

Robert joined as the ship's Coroner.

Knight Family

Ryker Talia
Parker Robert

Ryker Knight

Talia Knight

Parker Knight

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