Greyhawk Rebellion

Varis Hanali (Elf Ambassador)
Heleste Toumond (Level 3 Sage)
Torm (Farmer)
Teostra Decota (Level 3 Spy)
Elmyra Liacan (Level 1 Scribe)

Greyhawk Rangers
Duke Thomas Rollo Although publicly backing the Rebellion would cause the Empire to storm Greyhawk, he privately supports the Rebellion
Lus A changeling in disguise as a Tiefling who helped build the Pariah District in Whitkin and now allied with the Rebellion is helping move and establish a new community at Greyhawk Keep

0 0 2375 0
Torm (Farmer)100g
Pointed Arrows37g

Sulfur Supplied from Undan and his cousin in Milborne cave, a few hours away from Greyhawk Keep. Currently there is no mass production

The Pointed Arrows A unit of elven archers gifted from the Greyhawk Rangers - Currently stationed at Greyhawk Keep
The Myriad Troops gifted from Duke Thomas Rollo to show support of the Rebellion without publicly backing it - Currently stationed at Greyhawk Keep
Generation Fighters A unit of specialised troops bought from Lus in Whitkin - Stationed and ready in Greendeep on Zyllis' command
Asmodeus' Worthy A unit of Tiefling troops bought from Lus in Whitkin - Currently stationed at Greyhawk Keep

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