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The land mass is divided is divided into the classes known as Low town, Mid town and high town.

Low town is a land mass far bellow mid town, beneath the clouds, its otherwise a poverty riddled area with little to no law enforcement, despite this the area is not home to many criminals as there is nothing really to steal, instead the biggest criminal activity ios the black market where weapons, artifacts and other illegal or hard to find items are traded, The law enforcement turn a blind eye to this as its the only thing that keeps low town's economy flowing.

Mid town is where the average people live, its also where 90% of occupation is, with all the companies and industrial areas being built here its where the most simple and normal side of life is and so the most dangerous.

High Town is where the 1% live, but a small section of mid town's land mass is reserved for high town shopping and sale of goods as there is no where to put it on the land masses above and a majority of sales come from mid town residence.

Complex building on the outskirts of midtown's industrial area and suburbs. Its a long car ride to get anywhere interesting from here. The building seems bigger on the inside then outside. there are seven floors including the basement to this building which employees a total of 38 people currently with rooms to fit 35. There are currently 12 detectives employed.


Ground floor
Reception, waiting lounge, Mail collection, Entrance to the back rooms

1st floor
CommunitybWashing, community kitchen, Community bathrooms, community work stations

2nd floor
Detective living quarters, 6 rooms along both walls 12 rooms total
Rooms include
A queen bed
A small desk and chair
Bedside table
Cubords for personal Items
Small bathroom (no shower)

3rd floor
Repeat of the 2nd

4th floor
6 master rooms, master rooms include all of a regular room plus
Small kitchen
Large Bathroom
Large desk
Coffee table

Top floor
5 large offices belonging to various high ranking members of the Agency.

Delta's office

Unknown office

Unknown office

Unknown office

Unknown office


Plastered Mcgee
Its not his real name but nobody actually remembers a time when he was sober enough to say it. Plastered is an experienced although unprofessional detective working for the Agency, Offten sent to gather information and help new recruits along when Gris is unavailable.

Quite the character and very well known by all members of the agency, his ego and inability to follow protocol have lead him into hot water on multiple occasions, Its a mystery why he is still on the team but it can be said that when he dose close a case its dam well impressive. a man with talent but without focus.

Rag Man
People don't know why or how this thing is a detective, Whispers around the place is that's its to do with a tax write off.

Non Player Characters

Owner of Cinder investigations, The boss of the place a well paced and skilled detective herself that's very good with words and has made a lot of powerful connections during her work. Its easy to tell she has little patience for screw ups but rewards a job well done.
appears as a dark tabaxi with long crimson hair and features. quite short but has a dominant presence.

Delta's right hand man in terms of the business, Griss is quite short tempered with new comers and people he doesn't know well. often in a hurry and seen checking the time a lot. A heavy smoker and always seems to know much more then he is letting on. Keeps his shoes in line around authority but definitely dose not seem like the type of man to follow others orders.
Appears as a tall slim tone man with scrappy features suck as unkept hair and stubble, Wears a long trench coat and a large wide brim hat, simple shirt and pants underneath.

A young teenage woman just pre her adult years, you can normally find her in her workshop building or tinkering with robotics and instruments or both. her love for manufacturing is only matched with her love for music often combining the two. an artificer by trade and musician by talent she is extremely book smart and sees thighs others wouldn't, she doesn't like questions and often answers them with irritation. Iblee has an odd fasciation with wanting to be attractive to Men but her Personality scares them off.
A tiefling in appearance with a single horn sprouting from the left side of her head, a long teifling tail clawed hands and sharp teeth. large round glasses sit on her face and she is normally dressed in baggy clothing due to her unfortunate proportions.

An excitable man who always seems to have a happy killer vibe to him. He runs a majority of the night clubs and taverns around the city

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