Story - Locations & NPCs

City of Cinders

Campaign 5

Case of the missing son
Sessions 1 to 2

Case Details
The Redgul family are one of the top two richest and most powerful families in all of the city. The father has put the entire force on the disappearance of his son.
He was last seen drinking with his friends at the industrial end of mid-town he was reported missing by the same friends that had been the last ones to see him and so are the only three witnesses.
The entire area is in lockdown and the entire force is coming the area so time is of the essence. Mr redull offered this case to Delta in a time of desperation, if we can solve the case before the rozzers then that will mean big opportunities for us.

The Detectives are bailed out of Jail and meet with their saviour and new boss, a red head tabaxi named Delta.
she explains the situation and the group spend the time getting inducted before being sent off on a case with Plastered as their supivisor.

The Grou

Session 3

The Team get a day off after their first successful case. it dose not go well.

Case Name
Sessions 4 to 5

After their disastrous day off ending up in one detective in prison and a dead civilian Roshier and Dee are on very thin ice with their boss. much the same situation as Jonny, A detective that's been working for the agency for some months now and has proven beyond a handful. his continued employment is a great mystery to everyone.

The party overhear a loud argument between Delta and Jonny early in the morning about how much trouble he has caused during his employment. you gather that Jonny is going to be joining the party on their next case and that it could be his last if he doesn't square up.

Case Details
There has been a break in at one of Mr Redgul's private research buildings. The police have yet to be notified and all of the workers have been told to stay at home and not mention anything.
Your job is to go in and dust the place down for evidence as to who broken in and what exactly they took if anything.
There are no witneses in Custody and nobody has been in or out of the place since the report.
The report was filed around 5am this morning and the place was put on lockdown within the hour.

The party find the office in a wreck, but not from the breaking, old wood, rotting furniture and even a hole in the roof. it had seemed that this office was in desperate need for repair and a clean up. a tank filled with water looked like it hadn't been cleaned since it was bought. mold and growths littered the roof and corners of the two level office building.
The party manage to find a secret room behind a sliding wall. curiosity got the better of them as the dove in to find a dead body, but were quickly chased out by a creature much like the ones they had seen before only much larger and heavily armored. non of their weapons were able to penertrate it and so they quickly flead. much to their surprise it didn't follow them up the stairs.

After the party dust the office they find a few key clues to the case.
Leather jacket, Torn
Looks to be a cheep leather jacket, brown in colour with limited contents side from a few notes. the jacket is branded and from the parties knowledge they know this is something found in low town.
Note book
The biggest clue, a note book with details on how the heist of this office was planned including what they were looking for. unfortunately the book is very water logged and only a fraction of the words are legible. you make out two names and the item in question they came to steal. Harry, Gizbel.
Missing item
The party manage to put two and two together and figure out what the item looks like and that it was taken. it seems the thieves were only after this item and nothing else.

Case Name

One of the more popular clubs in town has been having its stock of totally legal drugs tampered with sending the club's guests on bad trips and even some ending up dead. The Owner has requested that the detectives come and find out exactly who is behind this and put a stop to it before all the guys and gals stop coming all together.

The club has been closed until this case is sorted out.

Suspects: Delivery people, Manufacture, Servers at club, The club owner.

A car crash has left a VIP dead and another severely injured. There is little information avalible as it only happened an hour or so ago but the client thinks its suspicious enough to hire us. The detectives are to leave imidietly with Griss and do what detectives do best


A recent string of thefts in the area has turned into a murder. With the sudden change in MO we have been called in to find the culprit. The strange thing is that the victims of this thief all seem to go into a state of panicked insanity that cannot yet be explained. On the record the local police say is dramatic grief at the loss of their belongings but I reckon there is something deeper

A convicted criminal is pleading their sentence after a few years behind bars. We were hired to clear his name. But should we?

Illegal weapons are popping up in street violence. There weapons are not easy to find. Someone must be supplying them.

A hit has been put out on Rosier's family. Your job is to go to the party and find the would be killer before they can strikr

A string of murders in high town has the popules scared. You must find the culprit and quickly. Strangely a similar string of murders has happened in low town but noddy seemed to care.

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