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Memories of those Past

It's a fact that we all must meet our end at some point.

Here we remember player characters and other important characters as they were.

Player Characters

Carric Corthdraw

The Rise of Narkul - 3rd Thursday of Highsun 12335 (C1:S10) - Taken away by an avatar of death
Story for only a very brief time. He met his end as many do drawing from the accursed Deck of Many Things, facing off against an avatar of death itself. Carric had little to no chance as his party watched on unwilling and unable to help.


The Rise of Narkul - 2nd Friday of Lowsun 12335 (C1:S19) - Temple in Sabersteel
Valerie's soul was ripped from her body and sent to an unknown location as a result of drawing from the Deck of Many Things, although her body remains in a stable condition without any clues the group is unable to restore her soul, her body rests in the temple in Sabersteel forever suspended in time.


The Rise of Narkul 2nd Saturday of Lowsun 123335 (C1:S20) - Buried at Carric's Keep
Mithrandir died from a death ray from a beholder in the basement of Carric's Keep.


The Land of Exilis - Unknown (C3:S7) - Unknown/Lily Vale Cemetery (12383)
Story a trully tragic tale of impossible odds against an un-quenched love. Zonatar fell to the blade of her own Captain, a fact that still haunts Delta to this day.
its not all so tragic, Zonatar's wife Sheila was saved by Lady Valour and now serves as her apprentice in ever memory of Zonatar's bitter battle to the very end.
Robert set up body-less graves for both Zonatar and Sheila at Lily Vale Cemetery


The Land of Exilis - Unknown (C3:S7) - Unknown/Lily Vale Cemetery (12383)
Lekgolo isn't truly dead but he will never be found again. after letting the scared Old god free from the binds of Exilis his punishment is to wander the white shores of an endless beach belonging to nothing.
Robert set up a body-less grave for Lekgolo at Lily Vale Cemetery

Notable NPCs

Guthber Toumond

The Rise of Narkul - 2nd Wednesday of Lowsun 12335 (C1:S17) - Left in the Far Realm

Parker Knight

The Land of Exilis - Unknown (C3:S6) - Unknown
Parker was the brother of Robert and Robert's main drive, he was killed by the hands of Robert in the City of Promise. Afterwards the party left the dead bodies of Parker and his guards in s vat of Livion Virus, causing a violent outbreak in the City. Robert caught a glimpse of Valefor taking Parker's body and vanishing in a bright light. Later it was found that Parker's body had been crucified on the same cross that had been following Robert around during the whole story. A fate worse then anything, suffering the collective presence of the 4 old gods binding the 5th. it rots the very existence of the sacrificed for eternity.

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