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The Land of Exilis

Nobody that is willing to tell you really knows where Exilis is. its not off any coast and not in any known country. its truly a mystery.
only ancient legends even speak the name Exilis and what the land contains. rumours of entities from the beginning of time. a world that has never seen sunlight. you will find horrors there only equalled by the beauties found on its shores. but if anyone knew where it was they are certainly not talking about it.

what rumours that do float around say that its not a choice you get to Exilis, by some divin intervention or punishment or inpecible luck you may wake up on the Train that transports all new arrivals of Exilis to its land.
Everyone arrives on the train, nobody comes here willingly the train rises out of the sea at one end of the landmass and dives back into the sea at the other end, always on time, making 4 stops along the way.
the land of Exilis is surrounded by dead calm sea in all directions and is doused in an eternal twilight, a shattered full moon hangs high in the sky cloaking the lands in its soft blue glow.

this darkness is classified as dim light when in the open and magical at that, any race with dark vision has its effective range reduced by 20ft.

Time In Exilis

Ageing occurs 10 times slower in this land then others, for every 10 years that pass only 1 years of age occurs. This only affects creatures and not food or other spoilage items. Children age at a normal rate until they hit 16.
Time of day never changes. the moon will sometimes become eclipsed or turn blood red signaling terrible but bountiful events but other then that there is no concept of time. the moon never changes its position. wind and clouds form and sometimes even rain.

Gold is worthless compared to life itself

Lumens are what is used as currency and fuel for the lanterns. You earn lumens the same way you earn coin by performing, doing favours or completing quests. Some monsters also carry lumens within them and will drop them once slain, you can also steal lumens from other lanterns if you were to stoop that low, stealing items or other objects is a light punishment compared what will happen if you are caught trying to steal lumens from another's lantern.
your lantern slowly burns through lumens in a typical 24 hour period but its a very small amount. 1 lumen will be consumed for every 24 hours that pass. its best to keep all your lumen in your lantern, that can be retrived at any time just reach in and think of the ammount you want and it will be in your hand as you pull it out.
Never ever take out all of your lumens from your lantern at once as that will put it out. and no matter how many lumens you put back into it, it will never re light.

Creatures and Organisations of Exilis

Sages and the capital
At the end of the railway that runs through the land of exilis is the capital, a glorias city of brilliant light, it acts as a beacon of the land of exilis providing safety for all.
Sages are the enforcers of the government, powerful beings that have learned the art of light magic and can manipulate it to their will. This makes the Counsel the over bearing power of the Land as they control the light and lumens but the government in turn controls the counsel.

Sages are usually dressed in long decorated robes of various colours showing their rank and golden faceless masks, it is very rare to see what the sages look like underneath their robes. They are known as stern but fair, they only seek order and justice and are overall pitiful and kind hearted even though they are told not to directly interact with the citizens.
If you need help a Sage will always be willing.

The leaders of the government like any government drunk on power are blind to the threats outside the cties walls and only care about the power they have and obtaining more.

=====The Outer Entities=====

The Five Old Gods call this land home and harmlessly drift or slumber around the land observing what is going on in other dimensions. They hardly interact with others but each have their own followings or cults.
Some people have managed to get an audience with these entities but often doesn’t end well. Followers of these entities are often granted accent to a higher being, causing them to mutate perfectly in to ghastly creatures but still preserving at least some of their personality.
people that have this happen to them often reside in isolation afterwards to either study their thoughts or some perhaps in shame as they were forced into it by their fellow believers or offered as a sacrifice. But its not uncommon to see one or two of these ascended creatures wandering around the towns if you do see one perhaps its best to chat they often have the deepest information available and its often curiosity that makes the best conversation.
The outer Entities consist of the following in true name and Title.
Norgrous (Norg-o-rus) the Sea eye
Ura (ooo-rah) the sky crawler
Syn-Sigalian (See-e-an Sig-alien) the cave dweller
Nyala (Nah-ah-la) the Havester
a being with no name (The Scare Crow)
if you by some odd trick of the gods know thier true names It is not wise to speak them unless you are looking for trouble.

The Scare crow
If you ask anyone about a scare crow that looks as if it was a mutilated body crucified on a rotted cross they will say you are crazy and throw you out of their place of residence.
Those wise enough know that their are infarct 5 entities they share the land of Exilis but sometimes its better to forget about the scare crow, there is a reason it has no name.
Ancient books speak of a force of nature taken form, an outer entity of life and death eb and flow. This Entity dose not mind its own timings but instead directly starts the domino effect for all mortals and their accomplishment and suffering. It has no name and should be avoided unfortunately if you do see it then its possible that it has already seen your fate as a book and is here to watch us you are unravelled. or maybe you are lucky and its simply there for one you are travelling with.

a foreign introduction to the land of Exilis, Beholders have made quite a name for themselves, brought it many thousands of years ago by the outer entity Norgorus they have become a common sight in the land, often acting as magical trades shop owners always ready to buy, sell or identify magical items. They are more or less friendly and do not possess their own lanterns, it’s quite often that their shop is also their lair.
You will find seven Beholders in the Land of Exilis.

Locations of Exilis

Broken Sea Spire
A university re-purposed as a research facility out on the edge of the great lake Ulra. Headed by Professor Stem the tower studies the many strange creatures and entities in this land.
Dark rituals and experimental spells are conducted within the halls and it holds many many secrets and horrors for those that dive deep enough.

Sage Tower
In the capital city of this land lies the sage tower, the HQ of the government's enforcers that governs the land. It’s a place of offering, worship and celebration, the higher you go the more secrets you will find, at the very top lies the Lumen Monk, leader of the sages

Train Stations
There are 4 train stations in the land of Exilis along a single track, Each train station is small and run down looking giving a very lonely vibe. the only one with any kind of positive atmosphere is the last station just before the end of the line which is located in the capital. you can catch the train anytime for free but it only gose one way and do not stay on it when it dives back into to sea.

Town of FellFree
Often called the town of beginnings as its where most new arrivals end up, its also the area with the most forrest. the town contains all the basics, and Inn, blacksmith, shop, and a Beholder lair, there is a great sece of cumminity in this town and its the best start any new arrival is going to get.

where Seiko is the city for those cast out, the capital is a true beacon of stability and safety despite how corrupt its leaders are. this city holds everything an adventure could need as well as a goverment task board and special smiths.

Town of Ebony
A town just outside of the sleeper's den. the town is full of followers of this Entity. contains all the basics as well as a temple to the Entity Sleeper, you need to watch your words while here, keep a low profile and don't ever agree to anything someone asks until you are sure of thier attentions. more people go missing here then anywhere and its the highest population of orphans.

City of Promise
the name itself is a lie, crooks with power and connections unable to survive properly in the land of Exilis they instead live off the suffering of the hopeful and naive. but they have secret connections to the government so nothing can be done, You will see no sage near this city as the very idea stains their honour. the city has all the basics but no beholder's. you will also find no trace of any entity worship and plenty of goverment job boards and guards. a safe place as long as you don't listen to the fools.

City of Nabelhime
More of a fortress then a city, the greatest concentration of Sage movement is here as its just outside of the furthest corruption by the livion virus. this is also where you will find the blood hunter workshop and be able to take up hunts for marks. the sage's war on the virus is eternal, blood hunters have also been established to help fight the monstrosities of this land. if you are ever infected by the virus here is the best place to go.

City of Seiko
for the size of the city it has the least amount of light, the streets are dangerous its best not to draw attention to yourselfs. always travel with your weapon drawn. sometimes lost stave off the curse that befalls them, and they have managed a society of refuge. but this also attracts The dark and much worse things, only Orphans and Beholders are truly safe here and you will find quite a few of them that have set up services here like inns, shops and smiths, lumens are not accepted here items must be traded for with other items. there is a small squad of sages stationed outside the city that hold anyone's lantern before going in.

Town of Parct, Small village
nobody speaks of the fishing village at the start of the track. dangerous secrets that nobody should learn lie there.

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