Whispers of the Wilds

Campaign 10

Game start

Frostmoot, Year 12343

Our heroes have all been called to a large town within Vylnaa Forrest. The mysteries of a realm known as the Fey-Wilds has called each of our heroes for one reason or another. Each character has their own personal reasons for wanting to get to the Fey-Wilds but its a common goal and adventures always prefer to work as a group. With hardly any knowledge of what awaits them or even a solid way of entering the Fey-Wilds they gather in town for meet and greets and to try and follow some leads.

The Fey-Wilds has been recovering from a 22 year war. While much of the land remains unclaimed territory a recent shift in power has left much of the claimed land under one leader. Now the mad queen known as Adelina has left the Fey-Wilds during a crucial time. with no rightful ruler to command the Armies the small nations are otherwise left to simple repair and wait their ruler's return. The rest of the Fey-Wilds citizens have mostly returned to life as normal but threats still linger in the wilds.

You start your adventure in Grovistide. Upon arrival you learn that the towns name has changed to Rubenhide and the townsfolk speak utter Jibberish. They are friendly folk

A Drow that's been living on the surface for a number of years. Mother Drow while Father was something else. Taken to a corrupt religions sect at a young age he experience the worst people in religions power were capable of. Saved by a Paladin who he trained under for a majority of his young adult life.
With his mother missing for just as many years he catches news of her possible whereabouts with a trinket and dreams.
Setting off to the town Grovistide located in Vylanna Forest

A Loxodon originally from Arcadia. A noble creature with heart set on destiny. Tormented by a gift or curse of divining dreams. Exiled by his people due to his dreams he has left Arcadia and entered the mortal plane in search of the Fey lands his dreams show him every night. The journey is long and he almost looses his mind but here he is at the end of his journey but beginning of his Adventure.

A young man who made a deal with a hag that backfired. He was transformed him into an Eladrin and his family was robbed of all of their memories of him. He seeks a way to restore their memories and revert back to his original form. A little revenge against the hag wouldn't be too bad either…

A descendent of Giant and Dragon, Raishin has been traveling alot in the past few years in search of answers to the mysteries that surround her. Traveling with the Band of the Black Albatross as one of their soldiers for several years. After learning there may be family in they Feywilds Raishin demands she be released from the armies control. A duel was held against the leader which she won and took her leave heading for Grovistide.

A storm chaser and novice weather scholar from the islands of Pernitusler. He's been exploring the lands for a number of years documenting and studying the various weather patterns found in different countries. But despite the strange and odd storms found Ardin desires something more “wild” The next step was to travel between planes. When he caught news of the land of the Fey he knew that was to be his next destination.

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