Griss Timothy Blackout

Dishounred, Guilty, Worthless

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Class: (SoulKnife Rouge, battle master Fighter)
Race: Human Variant
Nationality: Corvania

Character Information

Background: Charlatan
Born: 3rd Thursday, Reapwane 12274 (61)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Tools: Tattooist Tools, Forgery Kit, Thieves Tools
Gear: Light & medium armor, shields, simple & martial weapons
Saves: Dexterity & Intelligence
Profession: Magical Mark Artist
Document Forger
Affiliations: Blinding Spear
Rainfang Bloodline
Faith: Lathander (Renounced)


Maritial Status: Defacto
Parents: Mother & Father Deceased
Partner: Valour Rainfang
Children: Kise, Yuna, Chloe, Lulu, 5th on way

Physical Description

Height: 6ft / 182cm (Medium)
Weight: 161lbs / 73kg
Complexion: Pale
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Gender: Male


(Rouge 7) (Fighter 5)
Ability Scores
Saving Throws
+4 Medicine EX
Animal Handling
+3 Nature
+1 Perception EX
+1 Performance
+4 Persuasion
+1 Religion
Insight EX
+11 Sleight of Hand EX
+0 Stealth
+5 (Adv) Survival


Racial Feat: Inked
LV4 Rouge: Lucky
LV4 Fighter: Maneuver Master

Fighter Manoeuvres

Ability Dexterity OR Strength
Superiority Dice Five D8, Add roll to DMG/AC/CHeck
Save DC16 (8+DEX+Prof)
Trip Attack: (STR Save) Knocks Target Prone + DMG
Snipe: (Bonus Action) Make Ranged attack + DMG
Disarming Strike: (STR Save) Target Drops Item + DMG
Feinting Attack: (Bonus Action) Grants Advantage on next attack + DMG
Riposte: (Reaction) When Foe misses make an attack + DMG

Magic Markings

Left Hand: Tattoo of Flame
Left Shoulder: Scar of Bravery

Griss Timothy Blackout, Codename Red,
A former member of Blinding Spear known for operations in the war against Oxtrad and the demon scourge. Griss has been in hiding since the war ended however he has been anything but quiet, 37 Dead, all nobles or other high ranking figures from all across Corvania, Brutally tortutured and murdered often in dark cellers or attics in abandoned houses, it is currently unknown how so many have been lured and killed but intelligence suggest that his expertise with documentation has made all the deaths seem natural or tragic accidents.
Im going to be honest people we have no idea where he could be, we don't even have a face as all his work was done from an undisclosed location and he only ever met other members of blinding spear face to face, and most of its members are MIA or buried.
He will kill again and most likely many more before we catch him but thats why i have been tasked giving this mission to you, you are the best of the best. You need to bring him down before he does any real damage. Understood?

A dark room with but a single candle burning down to the base, a line of people lined up, gagged, chained and terrified as they all struggled to escape, The chains on their wrists cutting into the flesh as they hung from the roof of this dark room. a lone figure sits opposite the crowed and starts talking in a raspy voice.

The work i did wasn't pretty but it was better then any other sorry sack of regret could do. I served in the war, No thanks, no Honour. All i got was a life of pain and disrespect.
Pathetic, People go about their day as if nothing is wrong, the air they breath is tainted the ground they walk stolen.
The gods have a plan
Yea right, the only plan the gods have is growing more powerful at the expense of us. No Resolve, betrayal left right and centre, people follow the gods blindly….they get what they deserve. I wonder if they even think about what they have done.
History repeats itself,
Repeats itself \ Repeats itself
Repeats itself
with no end in sight, what a sorry time to be alive.
You crossed the line this time, you have gone too far, I think you should know what you've done, You get what you deserve and thats nothing, no Mercy, no empathy, No Forgiveness.
So try and Relax, enjoy the ride thats coming as i unravel you and your world.
But don't worry, none of us are going to hell, we are already there.

I would tell you my story., but you wouldn't care, nobody does, you only care about what i'm going to do. We are cut to fit your mould, if not perfect we are disposed of, Disgusting, I knew the fight was all in vain from the start, but i thought i could make a difference…its truly tragic i even still have that memory.

Griss, Tim, Cole All the same people but very diffrent if you ever met them.
Griss is a veteran of the Ashlem war, Born in the middle of it he spent his teenage years directly helping the war effor for Corvania under the task force Blinding Spear. Cunning, Devious and leathal with blade and ink. Griss's speciality was forging fake documentation to disrupt the enemy chain of command, a stratigy that proved effective until the demons poured forth and he tok a much more active role. He lost his family before he reached his first decade and has been molded into a man breeding deep hatred for the gods and the country he calls home. He spend his time today carrying out magic marking jobs for high paying customers and document forgery for the less nobel customers.

Griss is always seen with his pipe, his workshop is offten filled with the second hand smoke of his filthy habit, Espionage is Griss's specilty, able to blend into crowds easily and knows exsactly when to keep quite or let insults fly. His toung as sharp as his knifes tha he keeps conceled under his heavy clothing,
Studying foringe ways of channeling the psionic energy within ones mind he leaves lettle evidence when carrying out any task given.
He has a strong sence of justice in the form of vengence but those that know him best have seen him show signs of compassio, even if just for a moment, especialy towords childfren, going out of his way to queel his smoking or swearing while they are present. He has also been seen donating money to beggers as well as offering a helping hand with simple things like holding the door open for ladies or moving some heavy crates for overworked labourers. he will never admit these things though and his attitued never lets on these small acts of kindness are even possible. Its said that Jin's Stubborn kindness in Blinding spear somehow rubbed off on him and changed his world view, even if it was just a little.

Griss was very diffrent just after the war, the betray got to him more then most and dedicated part of his life to purging Corvania of its nobles and leaders, But once again Jin came to his rescue in terms and lead him away to Reton where he started somewhat fresh.

You have always had a way with people. You know what makes them tick, you can tease out their hearts' desires after a few minutes of conversation, and with a few leading questions you can read them like they were children's books. It's a useful talent, and one that you're perfectly willing to use for your advantage.

You know what people want and you deliver, or rather, you promise to deliver. Common sense should steer people away from things that sound too good to be true, but common sense seems to be in short supply when you're around. The bottle of pink colored liquid will surely cure that unseemly rash, this ointment – nothing more than a bit of fat with a sprinkle of silver dust can restore youth and vigor, and there's a bridge in the city that just happens to be for sale. These marvels sound implausible, but you make them sound like the real deal.

Suggested Characteristics Charlatans are colorful characters who conceal their true selves behind the masks they construct. They reflect what people want to see, what they want to believe, and how they see the world. But their true selves are sometimes plagued by an uneasy conscience, an old enemy, or deep-seated trust issues.

Games of chance are games of skill in disguise. How skilled are you at swapping a coin for your own? How good are you at taking the opponents eye off what your really up to? the better you are at things such as this the more of these games you will win, the only chance is if you get caught or not.
People call it gambling, i say its only gambling if their is a chance you will loose, i have stacked every deck, rigged every coin and pulled the blinds on the most watchful of eyes. I don't loose….never again.
The world revolves around paperwork, i have seen simple parchment stop and start wars. A sealed letter is worth more then any hoard gathered by a dragon, A document can spare a life or kill hundreds more, change names, swap ownership, creat bonds of love and sever them, Only a fool wouldn't see the power ink to parchment can grant, i learnt this long ago and i have made it my life to control this power and make it say and do as i will

I hear the terms about being polite getting tossed around as much as compliments and pleasantries. This world isn't perfect and it never will be, so we shouldn't pretend otherwise. People in power are not there because of their kind words.
I always make it apparent i am not here to exchange nice times around a camp. You can often tell a lot from a person after you toss a few insults their way.

The Gods are scum. I have no doubt in my mind that they are responsible for the way i am, for everything i lost….especially XXX I may not be able to get my revenge first hand, but perhaps…

Some part of me still remembers why i originally started all this…no matter how i try to snuff it out. I will never admit it but I sometimes toss some money I acquire to the people who really need it. against my better judgment, A funny feeling arises in the pit of my stomach always appears if just for a moment before the crushing agony makes it go away.

I work alone, that much has always been apparent, even when i was part of Blinding Spear i was isolated

I still remeber the day she entered my life, Valour, a talior all the way from Corvania. i don't belive in the gods anymore but i have to admit that there was some greater force at work to make our meeting a relaity. She is gorgeos. That curvey full body, the fancy cut white hair, and those beautiful purple eyes, like opals. You bet she dresses to impress.
We hit it off i think and now i spend every year saving up enough money to make the trip to the corvanian capital to spend a few months with her. Its always hot and heavy but i do my best to show her im not just there for the bedroom times. We have had 4 kids together now with a 5th on the way. First was Kise a name i chose, She has has her mothers look 100% smae eyes and hair but i can see a bit of me in her face as well.
The next three were triplets of all things. i was actually with Valour for thier birth. i wans't a fan kinda made me dizzy but i stuck it out. We named them Yuna, Chloe and Lulu, They all had black hair, from Valour's father it seems. 4 girls is quite the handful but i a not there all the time. a 5th child is on the way now too. and i don't think we have any plans to slow down just yet. i am hoping we can organise a move sooner rather then later.

Griss was born in the middle of wartime to a very religious corvanian family.

Griss went by another name before he joined Blinding spear, He worked as a magical tattoo artist by day and document forger by night. one of the best in the kingdom on both fronts.
Griss was always a negative man, Born at the peak of the war, loosing the people he cared about most at a young age and joining the war efforts before the age of ten, Zyllis would never let a child onto the battle field but Griss's work with ink was unmatched at the time. He has blamed the gods ever since the death of his family and renounced the his faith at their funeral.
He worked as a magic marking artist during the years his mother was ill, more and more money was needed for her treatment and when the war broke out He became desperate.
He pleaded with his church and the god xxxx to show him guidance, forgiveness, anything to save his mother. But no answer fell to him.
Griss Desperate started to earn money with far less legal jobs, mainly document forgery and similar. The money for this was far more then he expected but eventually his mother sercumed to her illness. Griss renounced his faith that day and after joining Blinding spear he changed his face and name.
After joining Blinding spear his identity was compromised and instead of taking a humane way to fix it rather her scared and mutilated his face to be unrecognisable as Cole.

After the war that cynical attititued manifested into killer tendencies.

After the war and after the betrayl that fell on Blinding Spear something inside Griss snapped and sent him down an evil path for satisfaction and revenge. As he lured nobels and other people away from safety, tortured and killed them.
Growing numb and Cold to the anger he had now harbering a silent maddness, It wasnt Until Jin came and interveaned in his life that he started to crawl back out of the hole he had dug. he moved out of Corvania and set up shop in the north of Reton with the help of Jin, close to Oxtrad. There he made a normal life for himself going back to his roots with Magic markings and docunt forgery.

There he sits drawing little attention to his work, am outsider that keeps to himself and nobody knows much of his past, its not known what will set him off again.

Valour Rainfang

It wasn't long before something interrupted Griss's life however this time it was for the better. An elven women was in town buying some local materials for tailoring when she noticed Griss, or more so the sorry state his outfit was in. Griss had his favorite blue coat with him that had been whith him for a number of decades.
It was old, torn and erroding was kept clean for sure but was in desperate need of repair or replacement.

The elf women insisted she make Griss a new outfit and put that cloak of of its misery. Griss said simply
“if its free I'll let you do anything you want to me” with a cheeky wink.
The two got to talking and it was the first time Griss had a normal day in a long time. They had lunch together and just sat and talked.
The ladies name was Valour. She was from Oxtrad and had just finished moving to Oxtrad, taking this time to find some good materials to make clothes.
“Yes I'm a tailor for the higher ranking men and women of Society. The wealthy and well off tend to me a much larger frame such as myself so clothing must be specially made to fit everyone's unique bulging shape…your not my typical customer, your frame is much to frail but I will make do so that Cloak can be put away for good.”

Griss introduced himself as Tim and told Valour about what he did for a living. Speaker her interest very quickly, there were not many magic mark artists in mor-Thir.

Love and lust was quick to blossom, Valour's day trip turned into a week staying with Tim at his home but after all the fun she still had to go.
“If your ever in the Corbanian capital drop in. I am normally always open throughout the day”
Tim nodded “I will have to so I can pick up that new outfit your making right?”
Valour lauphed before heading off in her cart.

That was almost 5 years ago. Griss spends a month or two whenever he has the money to make the journey to Corvania to see his partner. They have had a few children together with another on the way but Griss is hardly around, making the most of his time when he is there

The decision is final however Griss will only be found if he wants to be found. Griss has no ties left to Blinding Spear and no ability to trace him back now. only someone very determined and just as skilled could find him and convict him now.
He herd the news, sooner then most and all he could do was crack a small smile, a smile of regret.
Soon enough he knows they will come, Sarren or Zyllis.
No doubt they will want to ask one more favour of me before they are deported. i wonder what it will be?

I'm calling in a favour Tim
Don't call me that
I always and will always call you that, I need your talents once again…one final time
To avoid it yes
HA the machine built for nothing but war once again looking to avoid it. I herd you got exiled too.
Yes exactly why I do not have time to waste, here is a letter detailing everything you need to know
Alright fine….If that's what you want. I guess I won't be seeing you again for a long time?
Probably never again Tim

Tim was silent for a long time before speaking up. Fuck you He spat like an angry dog.
Zyllis caught completely off guard took a step back without even thinking.
Fuck you Zyllis, Did you not think for even a second about my position?
Zyllis straightened his posture. N-No i did not think it relevant, i figured you were busy drowning your regrets in liq- the hot taste of steel met Zyllis before he finished the next word as Griss set upon him
You Dare even consider judging me? you put hundreds to death you pathetic walking lump of scum, you come into my house after everything you have done, have the balls to ask for a favour after everything and now think you can talk little?! Griss twisted his dagger deeper into his former leader
You should have disapeared long ago but you cling onto some misguided scrap of hope that the world can be better, no matter how many people need to be sacrificed.
Zyllis winced but stood his ground
I didnt come here to fight T- Griss…i came here to seek a resolution

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