Annabell Welington Civlethrip

Content Used
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[2] Xanatha's Guide to everything
[3] Tasha's Caldron of Everything
[4] Unearthed Arcana 73 - Feats
[5] Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
[6] Fizbane's Treasury of Dragons
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Name/Titles: Annabell Welingtion Civlethrip
Class: Tempest Cleric
Scribe Wizard
Species: Hollowed Elf
Silver Dragon
Nationality: Oxtrad

Character Information

Background: Noble
Born: 2nd Saturday, Deepsnow
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Languages: Common, Elvish, Draconic
Tools: None
Gear: All Armor, Shields
Simple & Martial Weapons
Saves: Wisdom, Intelligence
Profession: Knight, Noble
Affiliation: Unknown
Faith: Gods of the Storm

Physical Description

Height: 214cm / 7ft
Weight: 113kg / 249ibs
Size: Medium (1×1)
Complexion: Pale Blue
Eyes: Blue/Black
Hair: White
Gender: Female


Partner: Jack
Sister:2) TBD
Daughter: TBD
Father: No Name3)
Mother: Unknown

Stories & Champaings


Level 6
(4 Cleric)
(2 Wizard)
Base Total
InitSpeed Prof
+030ft +3
Health Armor ClassP.Perception
55 21 16
18(+4) 8(-1) 18(+4)
16(+3) 16(+3) 7(-2)

Bold Stat = Proficiency in Stat

-1 Medicine
Animal Handling
+3 Nature
+6 Perception
+4 Performance
-2 Persuasion
+6 Religion
Insight ADV
+3 Sleight of Hand
-2 Stealth DisADV
Investigation ADV
+3 Survival

Spell/Ability Modifier

Ability: Intelligence
Save DC Modifier
14 6
Ability: Wisdom
Save DC Modifier
14 6

A draconic name meaning Death-Frost or Dead-Frost A name befitting the Queen of Oxtrad holding power of the Blizzard and the grave

Welington is an extremely Regal woman with little time for ill manors or childish behavior. Rumours around Oxtrad say she never smiles, That the cold blizzard air has frozen her face to be just as cold.
Exceptionally skilled with sword and shield, Before she was Queen Welington was one of Oxtrad's top Generals. Being the one to push back the Underdark's advances during her rule.
Welington is a woman of plans. Never known to react only to follow carefully crafted plans of action. When the situation demands a reaction Welington is often caught off guard.

As Queen Welington is calm yet cold, Problems are solved under her rule but personal complaints are be-little'd. Always fighting with the various guild master's of the land with there ever increasing greed and pride. Very recently it seems they have been conspiring against the Queen in an attempt to marry her off. Welington has snapped off any and all attempts at this thus far, Her true Relationship still being kept a tight secret. These movements have begun to root in Welington's mind however. Perhaps her time as ruler should give way to a new generation And she can live a normal life free of responsibility.

Outsider her position of Queen Welington has a strong social life. She travels more often then most other leaders in Mor-Thir, Making her best effort to attend as many fancy parties and events as she can, birthdays of the leaders and their children, the seasonal festivals and other similar events. She takes delight and pride in her fashion collection, having a massive selection of dresses, outfits and gowlns from all over Mor-thir and beyond.

As Dragon, Welington is a fierce leader. she fights on the front lines and puts her country before herself, but none would call her kind.
Ever pushing Oxtrad's magical might.
During the conflict against Covania she made her name known.
Fierce master of Undeath. she called the howling bitter cold blizzards of Oxtrad's mountains upon the Covanian armies.
She raised the her dead foes against their former comrades as well as her own troops who had not fulfilled their blood for Oxtrad.

Fighting as a Mortal alongside her people she rarely took her true form. Considering herself one with Oxtrad and her people she would fight as one. It is not documented if Welington ever showed her true form during that war but only a fool would think the Queen of Oxtrad so honorable against her enemy. The stories say that if you ever did see the Dragoness of Oxtrad it was the last sight walking upon this material plane.

Welington has been the strongest leader of Oxtrad for a number of years, her position has been challenged multiple times as is the right of any citizen of Oxtrad yet none have succeeded, yet.

Even before she became Queen Welington was always in nobility, Raised by a guild family during her childhood. Her Parents she barely knows, cared for by maids and other guardians through out most of her childhood. Human guardians at that.
An elf's life span far exceeds most mortals and as she barely aged she watched her care takers grow old and weary.
Before she became Queen Welington made her way up in the ranks of Oxtrad's military.

She only ever saw her Father and mother a handful of times. today she still doesn't know where either of them are or even if they still breath.
Her Father in particular she wishes to find and punish.

Those Closest to me…My fiancée and my daughter…and although she is a pain in my neck, My sister also.
I met my Fiancée Jack some years ago. He owns a popular Inn on the Fridged Coast, I stumbled in one night out of my royal attire, hidden by a cloak. he was very kind and charming, he says he was smitten right away but its hard to believe him.
He was married once before so i know how much love it must have taken for him to ask me, I couldn't say no. with him, the promise of a quite life docent seem impossible.
My only Daughter, she is still young even by human standards, she would be about 5 or 6 by now still very young for a dragon, I was surprised she took hardly any traits from Jack asides from his eyes but she is still yet to mature. she is energetic and full of life, nothing like her mother.
My sister, not of blood but of bond, we share completely different parents yet we have been together since we could walk.

I Am Queen Of Oxtrad, rightful ruler of these lands, I command its armies and lead its people. I have pillaged the Underdark in its name and protected its lands from invaders of all realms. Over 80 years i have served Oxtrad and its people and i feel my leadship has run it course. I believe more and more that a new leader should take my place but finding one suitable is a challenge in itself. but within the next year or two I intend to relinquish Oxtrad's crown to its next leader.
I have made up my mind, I want to live for me and my family, I have ruled Oxtrad for more years than anyone should. But simple want is not enough, I know what must be done but is there someone strong enough to take my place?

Life's Pleasures
Beautiful Growls impossible to move in, the snobby chatter of high society from people who have never worked a day in their life's, the smell of food and wine as its chauffeured around by waiters on silver dinner plates. Floors polished to a mirror shine, Mansions the size of small towns. This is the life i dream of. As queen i am formally invited to any and every major event happening in Oxtrad, an opportunity to wear one of my outfits I cherish and loose my self in self indulgence if not only for an evening. leave running the nation behind and just enjoy being part of it.
The concern for assassins has been brought to me many times but if the risk for attending these events is my life then its a worthy payment. the rivers of gore from the battlefield way heavy on my mind, but they seem most far away when i am dancing the night away.

Outlawed Races
Race never held any merit in my nation, aside from the Goliaths who tamed these lands long before I, any man woman or other be they beast human or monster they were judged upon their achievements and actions. But war has ways of manipulating the world around it, and so i along with the other rulers Outlawed some select races we thought deserved the blame. Personally i never enforced that law in my country but the other guild masters seemed to relish in it. I could do nothing but stand by and watch when it became political.
Where it not for the Harsh conditions of Oxtrad there may have been many more havens for the outlawed.

Covania and Its rulers

Reton and Its Rulers
Cowards, In war they sat on the side lines and when faced with conflict they accepted defeat almost instantly. But they are much easier to talk to than Covania's rulers.

Draconic Heritage
It is known by most that Dragons tend to follow a certain code. Depending on our scales most mortals are able to tell right away how dangerous we are. This while effective is not a perfect system. Lesser known as with people, Dragon can also change their ways for better or for worse.
When I was still a hatchling I was a brilliant silver sheen, A kind helpful dragon by most mortal standards. I was bright eyes and excited to see the world. As ruler of Oxtrad is has clogged my heart with the worst of mortality the war took a mighty toll on me, as the enemies fell to my blade and claw my scales lost their perfect silver sheen. Becoming as white as the snow on the peaks of Oxtrad. My temperament has not improved even after the war. The position of Queen is toxic to my being, All the more reason to find a suitable replacement quickly..

Small spaces, stone tables, saws, restraints, it is all panful to see. I often think I have moved past it but every time its brought up i am right back on that stone table. its….horrifying

The Long Road
I have made up my mind, I want to live for me and my family, I have ruled Oxtrad for more years than anyone should. But simple want is not enough, I know what must be done but is there someone strong enough to take my place?

The word Hoard is such a mortal thing. We dragons prefer something closer to 'collection' or 'selection' The noble side of me would say that Oxtrad itself is my collection, Its people, Its land, Its resources. But most adventures are looking for something more tangible. to that i say my collection of clothes, The finest fashion from all over Mor-Thir and beyond. Most of it only fits my mortal form however I do have a few to fit my true form. The jewels and treasure I keep are all on the clothing i wear. I am quite proud of it personally.

My lair? i have never really considered any particular location a 'lair' so to speak. Perhaps my Castle. or the deep room bellow that shall not be mentioned. Most dragons have a lair that is mostly private, however my castle has servants, knights and other political figures around it daily so i have never considered it a 'Lair' perhaps its something i can work on if i am ever released of Queenly duties. a large mansion isolated but still in eye view of a decent sized town. i could be the rich wealthy lady who only ever enters town to brows the tailor and buy a hot meal.

Annabel in Ascention of Narkul

For more details see Story: Queen's Day

The Noble Queen of Oxtrad, Ruler for a lifeime, Commander through many conflicts, conqueror of the UnderDark. Her list of accolades is long and extravagant yet, the life of Queen grows weary on her mind.
The Guild Masters of Oxtrad's various regions planning a diplomatic overthrow of thier fair Queen. Under the guise of matramony the Masters setting up possible suitors for the Queen who has only ever brushed their constant advances off.

After news of a new nation declaring independence reached her, Welington's priorities shifted, and in a moment of weakness just before she was headed to Reton she agreed to this sutorship..or at least to attuned.

Before the Queen could reach Greyhawk she was set upon by powerful unknown assassins who bested her.

The Queen of Oxtrad was struck down however, weather it was fate or luck her draconic soul was reserected by a Bardic Necromancer within Reton's borders. Raised as an Undead servant within a body compiled of bits and pieces of other unfortunate victims in an effort to create a copy of the Queen of Oxtrad, Unknown to the Necromancer he had indeed summoned the true Queen, yet with little of her memories remaining intact there was no way to confirm at the time.

The spitting image of the Queen save a few birth marks in the way of stiches and her lack of draconic form. she serves Lord Fenrius to the best of her ability while keeping him out of trouble.
Not a mindless undead with her own thoughts and feelings but Fenris's word is final and she must obey any command given to her.

much of her capabilities were lost but not completely forgotten, and it may be a chance to try something new, evidence of her draconic heritage may spurt up here or there but for now it remains locked deep within her memories.

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