Bard:Through self
Cleric:Through deities
Druid:Through nature
Paladin:Through deities
Sorcerer:Through lineage
Warlock:Through patrons
Wizard:Through knowledge

Abjuration:Protection, dispelling, wards, force fields; anything that protects you or seals things away.
Conjuration:Summoning, teleporting, creating stuff out of thin air; anything that makes matter appear.
Divination:Omens, prophecy, detection, sight, talking to things; anything that gets you information.
Enchantment:Telepathy, mind-reading, compulsions, mental or emotional control, some curses; anything that targets a mind.
Evocation:Manipulating fire, light, sound, force, lightning; anything that makes raw energy appear.
Illusion:Phantoms, illusions, cloaking spells, blasts of colour; anything that tries to fool or overwhelm the senses
Necromancy:Undead, energy drain, soul manipulation, resurrection, creating life; anything involving life force, corpses, souls, or the undead.
Transmutation:Transformations, enhancements, some curses; anything that changes the physical properties of an object or creature that already exists.


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