Largest City Cessanding
Demonym(s) Perdite
Government N/A
Population Total 000 More


12293 - First colony ships arrive. (37 years ago)
12295 - Princess dies, unclear next leader Chalwen & Mormont lineages formed. (35 years ago)
12328 - Accident by Preservation Coalition at Brightshore causes residents to become undead. (2 years ago)
12330 - Campaign 8 begins.

Chalwen & Mormont

Unity in Nobility
The Royal lineage split into two families after the Princesses death and documents relating to next ruler were lost, the Chalwen and Mormont families both believe they are heirs to rule but neither has evidence as such there is much infighting but maintain outward appearances so not as to worry their peoples.

Children of the Hunt

Growth and respect prevail
It is unknown when the Children of the Hunt arrived to Perditsula, they claim that they date back to before the ancient cities were destroyed and that is why they respect and follow nature's way as nature destroyed the cities, however many scholars theorise that while they were before the Princess they were also well after the collapse of the previous nation.

People's Union

For the people by the people
Simple folk just trying to get by, there is no central leader but rather a committee. Most are adventurers, mercenaries, and missionaries looking to help and further the goals of the common person. The union was initially formed after some of the Chalwen & Mormont infighting broke out into the public.

Preservation Coalition

Power through the arcane
Formally known as 'The Order' after the incident at Brightshore caused by the Order, they made radical changes to their inner workings and goals. It is believed that the members of the Order that caused the incident had permanently died, while everyone else including animals and plants also died they all became undead but retained their memories, abilities, personalities, etc. The Preservation Coalition was formed in hopes of restoring life or at least slowing the decay of the bodies of the peoples and themselves caught in the incident two years ago.

Springwell Holdings

Money makes the world go round
Funded the initial ships and supplies, now they control the flow of resources, information, and people. They like to try be subtle with their empire through smaller shops and businesses under different names, they're likely to be the most powerful out of all the guilds but one of the least likely to want to openly take control.


North Island
Largest of the three, Most colonised but still has many dangers from both nature and civilisation.

West Island
Smallest of the three, small tribal communities avoiding conflict and conquest from the North island.

south Island
Size in between the other two, completely untamed and efforts to do so have been fruitless.




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