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Felwind circa 12335 ME - Fullsize - Hexgrid - Overlay with Aus

Mor-Thir is a landmass roughly the same height as Australia that holds that nations of the Reton Empire, Kingdom of Covania and Crown of Oxtrad

Perditsula is a collection of three islands, that many guilds try to claim and control for themselves.

Ostrov is the largest continent on Felwind

Promise, commonly known as the Promised Archipelago is a vast expanse of islands where many exiled, treasure hunters, and those trying to escape their past go to, forming their own nations and societies within.


Ruled by the Belegarian Coalition, their main island is Ostermark. Home to Humans, Half Elves, and Elves (High & Wood).


Ruled by the Gold Lords, their main island is Skarak. Large volcano island surrounded by smaller ones. Elemental creatures roam the region. Home to Dwarves (Hill & Mountain), Stout Halflings, and Rock Gnomes.


City State: The Jewel of the Archipelago
Home to:

  • Bugbears - Guards, military
  • Goblins - Aristocracy
  • Hobgoblins - Commonfolk

The hub of the archipelago, bustling with trade and an island with a non conflict policy that is strictly enforced between factions


Captial - Shauven
Ruled by the Vanahurn Pact, their main island is Araby. Home to:

  • Tiefling - mages, rogues and other specialists
  • Half Orc - brute force front line
  • Fallen Aasimar - few in number, leaders
  • Swamp creatures War-like pact

Forestkin Great turtle Island. Home to Dragonborn, Lizardfolk, Tortles, and Dinosaurs.

Firbolg Island

Triton Atlantis

Living plant island a la Life of Pi

Travel per day
Method Hexes mi km
Flight 2 36 57.9
Horse 1.5 30 48.2
Foot 1 24 38.6
Stealth 0.5 18 28.9
Terrain Hexes mi km
Road +0.5 +6 +9.6
Fast* +0.5 +6 +9.6
Rough -0.5 -6 -9.6
Slow^ -0.5 -6 -9.6

One hex is 24mi wide
*Fast pace cannot stealth and can accure exhaustion
^Slow pace makes stealth easier and allow short rest during travel

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