A huminoid clad in high profile black clothes, a pale featureless head atop the sea of black it wears. surrounded by floating malevolent eyes and hands with long lanky fingers. It calls itself Lost as its previous name has been taken away.
It looks for a flute said to bring about a true end and the 5 maidens to sing its song.


A young man and husband with 2 children named Rom and Tidal, An inspiring Author very early in his career with no major success yet. His loving wife Winda carrying the 3rd child to the family works as a care taker to a nerby school. Its a very small community that lives on an island close to the mainland Calrune wants to make it big to give his family a better life but he never forgets that it is his family that pushes him foward so makes sure to stay close.

During a trip to the beach curiousity gets the better of Calrune as he gose into a sea cave exploring, Winda asking him to be carful while the kids are praising and constantly asking questions about what its like. Deeper and deeper he gose, calling out every so offten to make sure Winda and the kids know he is fine. Their voices start to fade as he travels deeper. His reassuring call backs get less and less frequent as well as less optimistic. His ears are being whispered too by unearthly voices as he sees an odd glow up ahead

The kids loose thier exitment as Dad hasn’t called back in a while. Winda also getting worried calls into the cave more and more panicked. The sun is starting to set behind the horizon and the tide is rising fast. Just as the mother’s worries tip and she gose into the cave after him Caleune pops out with a “boo” scaring Winda, Rom and Tidal

Winda visablely angry with her husband slaps him on the arm “What is with you? You had as worried”

“Owww” Calrune rubbed his arm “Im sorry dear i just saw an opportunity.”

Rom thought it was Halarious seeing his older sister and mom jump from fright. Tidal didn’t see the funny side and stormed off in anger.

Calrune was carrying a strange shapped crystal type object that softly glowed in his hand. He showed it to Winda who was still too mad at him to really care and ordered that they return home at once

The family returned home thinking nothing but another day had passed. But something sinister was in motion.

During the night Calrune was awoken, hearing those same whispers he herd in the cave earlier that day. He turned to winda as the moonlight illuminated her gently beauty to him. He smiled giving her a quick kiss as she slept before getting out of bed to follow the whispers

The voices got louder and louder until he got to his study room. The voices were almost screaming now. He tried to cover his ears but it didn’t help. He tried calling out but his voice was lost. He struggled to get the door open as if it was being held shut by something on the other side. The voices louder and louder as he pushed on the door with all his might. Slaming into it and suddenly It opened

Calrune stumbling into his study as it normally was. The voices had all suddenly gone quiet. He looked around the room. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Tge room was dimly lit with a few candles. He saw the crystal he had found in the cave. Sitting on his desk. Right next to many sheets of blank paper and well inked pens

He felt his ears as they still hurt and found that blood was running from them. He wipped it with his shirt before approaching the desk

He took the crystal in his hand, staring at it for a long time. A sudden urge to write over came him so he sat himself down taking pen to paper and started filling the paper with words.

The early sun rise woke up winda who was surprised to see her husband out of bed before her. She got dressed for the day feeling a kick from the child she was carrying. She went out to greet the family a good morning and saw again that Calrune was not there. “Kids. Do you know where your father is?”

Rom blurted out “he might be on the toilet “ as he lost himself in a childish laughter.

Tidal rolled her eyes “He hasn’t left the house so maybe in his study “

Winda nodded in agreement and went to see. The door was closed but she could hear something from behind the door. Soft muttering, Scratching. Laughing? Concerned swept over winda as she knocked on the door. “Honey? Are you in there? Is everything okay?”

The noises from behind the door suddenly got more intense and went quiet just as quickly as the door opened almost as soon as she finished knocking. Behind the door was Calrune. Looking tierd but otherwise normal. “Oh, hey Winda, whats up?” He spoke a bit off. As if weak or deep in thought about something else.

Winda surprised by all this took a step back “Ah, uh yea. Its breakfast. And i herd something. Is there someone in there?”

Calrune turned around, as if to check himself. “No dear just me, see?” Calrune opened the door wide so the study was in full view.

“Oh you have been writing?”

“Yea all night, i got a huge burst of inspiration and just had to get something down” his tone picked up when talking about his writing, proud of it.

“All night? You didn’t sleep?”

“Ah its fine,”

“Okay….are you gonna join us for breakfast?”

Calrune nodded and followed her, unknown to Winda he had the crystal behind his back the whole time and slipped it into his pocket as they walked.

The day went on almost normal as Calrune spent alot of it in his study. The days went on like this. Calrune left his study less and less as things started deteriorateing

Rom and Tidal started getting too scared to approach dad’s study. Strange things could be herd and even some strange visions. But everytime Winda went to check on him he was kinda normal.

Days turned to weeks. Calrune stopped showing up for meals all together And eventually one day when Winda went to check on him the door was locked.

Winda was overcome with helplessness as the kids fell into a downwards spiral. Grife was overcoming her

The home grew cold, light and colour seem to fade. Winda made a choice. She packed her bags and the kids bags making plans with a family friend on another of the islands down near the shore.

Winda got the kids to wait outside before going to try one last time. To get her husband back.

“Calrune! Im taking the kids, we cannot live like this. I don’t know what happened, if I did something wrong, but please…please come back to us” Winda started to sob as she banged on the door “Please come back”

There was silence for a while. Then Winda herd the doorknob turn. Suddenly hope filled her heart “c Calrune?”

What stood in the door after it opened made Winda’s heart sink, A hollow husk of a man that was once her Husband and the father to her children. His skin was unatualky pale. He was extremely skinny and malnourished. Sunken eyes and a terrible kept rotting beard. He breathed heavily as droll ran out from his mouth. Standing with a hunch.

Winda cried “c Calrune?! W what happened to you-“ She saw that he was clutching that crystal they found all those weeks ago. “I its that, thats whats doing thins! Isn’t it!?”

Calrune looked at the crystal “yeeeaaasassss” he said with a long hot breath “It speak spe soeaks to me. In in inspirational inspiring. I have written many many stories, novels, books now”

Calrune hold the crystal like a child “Stories of war between nations, how a invasion of outsiders caused them to join forces a a a and ERADICATE them”

“Stories of how a king seeking power was defeated by a single Hero, how that king cane back time and time again just to be bested”

“Stories of how a nation forced its way upon another, causing thousands of inocents to be slaughtered. Forcing rebellions to rise against them”

Winda was in utter shock

“All because of this. I am on my fourth Story about a torintial flood to swollow islands at the hands of a litch”

Winda weeped as she saw not her husband, but something else. Something that had taken him. She reached for the crystal, screaming for him to get rid of it, throw it away, He recoiled grabbing her hand and throwing her against the wall. Despite his weakened look he seemed stronger then a human. He screamed in winda’s face, saying how she was jellous of his work “You only want it for your self, you are like the rest, get out, get out GET OUT!!” Calrune tossed his pregnant wife down the hallway as easily as you would a bag of rubbish. Winda on the ground holding her stomach crying out in pain watched as Calrune sunk back into his study and slammed the door

A month later Calrune had finished his Flooded book and was working on another one when there was a knock at the door. He opened it up to see Larry, the tax man. Calrune was in an even worse state. A skeleton covered in skin that war rotting .

“Oh uh, jeeze Calrune. I hardly reconise you”

Calrune seethed “is it collection day?” Calrune handed Larry a bag of gold before going to close the door. “N no Calrune, its not that. Actually i have some rather sad news”

“You see, your wife and kids, they moved to the shoreline over east. “

“My…my family?”

“Yes, its unfortunate but it seems a sudden shift in the sea level has wiped out all residents on that island and many other low lying islands. I am very sorry…I thought I should come and tell you. “

The air turned cold. Colder then death As The hollow husk of Calrune clutched his face. “Gone? My family?”

His body started to shake. Tears of blood fell to the floor.

Larry stepped back a bit “i am really sorry again Calrune”

He breathed heavily. As he started to sob, then scream, a hollow rattle that caused the walls to crack. He fell to his knees as memories flooded his head, memories of his family , now gone. He looked to the sky and let out an ear piercing scream causing the building around to collapse.

The world shifted around as power mixed with grief tore everything around Calrune apart. Then a voice “YOU CAN SAVE THEM”

The same voice he had been hearing from the crystal. He turned to see his desk pens, paper still intact. “YOU CAN SAVE THEM”



Calrune approched his desk in the spinning inferno of dustruction around him tearing the very island appart.





Calrune picked up a pen. With tears in his hollow eyes, the memories of his children and wanting to take everything back. He wrote the name of the namless Old god

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