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Campaign 4

Session Title Summary
1 Peoples meet in Whitkin to see Duke Thomas Rollo and set out to find the Greyhawk Rangers
2 Found many undead trying to break into the Greyhawk Covert but the new group was able to clear them out
3 Discussed with Rangers on building an army, but they are having issues with undead from within a nearby cave. Group set out to investigate
4 Take a detour to Undan's cousin's home nearby cave and discover he has invented firearms, return and clear out cave entrance
5 Clearing out cave, Varis cursed by mummy commanding undead. Mummy killed
6 Finish clearing cave, discover it is an old sulfur mine. Undan joins his cousin in production.
7 The party are ambushed as they travel back to Greyhawk Covert. They capture an assassin and make it to Greyhawk Covert and heal Varis' curse.
8 The party spend time relaxing in Greyhawk and causing continuity issues with Ironhide
9 The gang encounter a lycanthrope commune and try to broker a deal
10 The gang encounter Mike and Balthazar, Flail Snail slime harvesters, and do some work with them before being betrayed, chasing Balthazar away and capturing Mike
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