New Beginings Session 0
A group has learnt of the birth of a rebellion, upon investigation they join and start building the Greyhawk Rebellion.

Seeds of Rebellion Session 1
The forming Rebellion gain an ally, Lus of the Pariah District in Whitkin, she agrees to join the movement gathering families of the outlawed community and setting out to Greyhawk Keep to establish a new town. They hire more troops and pick up a contract to hunt down an unknown creature or group that has been stealing bodies from graves.

Desecrated Graves Session 2
The newly formed group tracks a mechanical beast to Greendeep, where they find it has already attacked the small village but they repelled the beast for a short while until Zyllis and the Generation Fighters arvive setting up a perimeter. The following morning the cadaver collector attacked along with an army of flesh golems.

After defeating the collect and the golems, the group encountered Sir Roland a racist noble travelling from Sabresteel to Whitkin to discuss matters with the Duke, after some 'persuassion' he agrees to try keep an open mind.

Mysterious Origins Session 3
Investigating the cadaver collector and flesh golems more closely it is found that they were all made, not occuring naturally but without leads the group travels north to OldTree where the Empire's armies are amassing.

Once in OldTree the group start gathering supplies and intel, most note worthy coming from M'aiq and Zyllis who spoke with Duke Miguel Rollo of Mulburg, the uncle of Duke Thomas Rollo. In their discussions they found Miguel is willing to help the Rebellion if they help him amass more power in the region. Zyllis also encounters an old friend from the Ashlem War, Sarren.

Humid Negotiations Session 4
After discussions with the Duke of Mulburg, the group plan out their next course of action but are distracted by a few rounds of a back alley brawls where Riza fought and befriended an elemental monk. Hope and a pyromancer both managed to forfit the fight by fleeing the arena. And Zyllis took on a knight far below his skills.

Strategic Reassessment Session 5
Deciding that makeing a deal with the Duke would be unwise and likely an unstable forging a document and taking on disguises as High Commander Barkley and his assistant Mateo, M'aiq and Hope respectively, In the early hours of the morning frame Duke Miguel for treason managing to have him arrested.

New Found Power Session 6

Insubordination Session 7

Road to Naporia Session 8
The group secures their prisoners before continuing onto Naporia, breifly after they start back up Hope has a vision of the Duke Miguel's notebook that had blown up in a fireball, the pages flashing in great detail, as the vision ends she quickly duplicates what she saw and shares it with the group. Discussing the findings the group splits into three, Zyllis scouting ahead by himself. Riza, Merric, and Kriv followed a few hours behind. The cart with M'aiq, Shavari, Hope, and the prisoners travelling at a normal pace.

In town

Excape from Naporia Session 9

Trial of Zyllis Special

Reunion Session 10

Shifting Tides Session 11

Battle for Ruststille Session 12
The Greyhawk Rebellion defends against Reton Empire forces led by Duke Miguel in the Battle for Ruststille. Resulting in the death of Miguel Rollo and 3 of 4 his personal guard.

Victorious Aftermath Session 13

Disruption Session 14

New Independence Session 15

Run by Alex
Some events have been retconned

Session Summary
1 Peoples meet in Whitkin to see Duke Thomas Rollo and set out to find the Greyhawk Rangers
2 Found many undead trying to break into the Greyhawk Covert but the new group was able to clear them out
3 Discussed with Rangers on building an army, but they are having issues with undead from within a nearby cave. Group set out to investigate
4 Take a detour to Undan's cousin's home nearby cave and discover he has invented firearms, return and clear out cave entrance
5 Clearing out cave, Varis cursed by mummy commanding undead. Mummy killed
6 Finish clearing cave, discover it is an old sulfur mine. Undan joins his cousin in production.
7 The party are ambushed as they travel back to Greyhawk Covert. They capture an assassin and make it to Greyhawk Covert and heal Varis' curse.
8 The party spend time relaxing in Greyhawk and causing continuity issues with Ironhide
9 The gang encounter a lycanthrope commune and try to broker a deal
10 The gang encounter Mike and Balthazar, Flail Snail slime harvesters, and do some work with them before being betrayed, chasing Balthazar away and capturing Mike
11 The gang get thrown in jail after being betrayed by Mike. They escape, making a new friend, Merric, along the way.
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