Royal Conglomerate

Formed: 12272
Location: Mor-Thir
Headquaters in a pocket dimension
Members: Kingdom of Covania
Crown of Oxtrad
Reton Empire
Leaders: Mediator
King of Covania
Queen Welington Rainfang
King Solomon Walterus

During the Ashlem War which begun in 12264 between the Kingdom of Covania and the Crown of Oxtrad over the ownership of the Ashlem Rise, 6 years into the war in 12270 large rifts throughout the rise opened leading to the Nine Hells prompting an alliance between Covania and Oxtrad in 12272 to quell the demonic invasion, this alliance was named the Royal Conglomerate. The Ashlem war continued for another 13 years until 12285 resulting the closure of all remaining rifts but leaving the Ashlem Rise in devastation.

A year later in 12286, after an extensive investigation and with no definitive cause of the demonic invasion blame was quickly directed to Tieflings, were outcast from the Conglomerate. After several Changlings were found in high political positions defending Tieflings, they were also outcast. This quickly grew to include Dragonborn and Aasimar. During the War a new unseen demonic race was encounted, Dialias but no further sightings had been reported outside of a few during the war, the Dialias were also added as a precaution to the list of outlawed races from the Conglomerate.

In 12288, the Royal Conglomerate forced the Reton Empire into joining under the threat of war against Reton and the outlawed races that fled to the Empire, once the Reton Empire had joined the Conglomerate they outlawed the same races as the rest of the Conglomerate had, at this point the Royal Conglomerate gained full control over the continent of Mor-Thir

As of 12335 the members of the Conglomerate comprises the Kingdom of Covania, the Crown of Oxtrad, and the Reton Empire.
Each member of the Conglomerate has embassies of the other nations within their own, while each nation keeps to themselves and manage themselves the Conglomerate acts as a peacekeeper and intermediary when disputes arise or trade deals are arranged.

There is no singular leader of the Conglomerate, rather it's made of 5 peoples from each nation. Their primary leader such as King along with 4 of their delegates which should consist of a General or security specialist, an economist, a trade and goods leader, and a social or political negotiator.

Covania's members include leader, general, economy, trade, and social.
Oxtrad's members include leader, general, economy, trade, and social.
Reton's members include King Solomon Walterus, Prince Michel Walterus, economy, trade, and social.

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