Captial Sunwood
Largest City Sunwood
National Languages Common (Colvillian)
Religion Various
Demonym(s) Covanian
Government Monarchy
King Jonas Hayton II
Formation Date Event
Population Total 450,000 More

Covania is on the South East coast of Mor-Thir and shares borders with Reton to the West and Oxtrad to the North. Covania is ruled by the Kingdom of Covania and established a large alliance called the Royal Conglomerate with the Crown of Oxtrad during war between each other a large rift to The Nine Hells was opened near the border causing mass casualties on both sides, shortly after the rift was opened the Royal Conglomerate was formed and managed to close the rift and establish new laws around demonic and corrupted races.

Burnt Orange with black triangles in top left and bottom right.

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