Crown of Oxtrad


Captial Umastryx
Largest City ?
National Languages Common (Oxtradian)
Religion Various
Demonym(s) Oxtradian
Government Monarchy
Queen Welington Civlethrip
Formation Date Event
Population Total 300,000 More

Oxtrad is located in the North of Mor-Thir and shares a border with Covania to the South along a natural mountain divide. Oxtrad is ruled by the Crown of Oxtrad and established a large alliance called the Royal Conglomerate with the Kingdom of Covania during war between each other a large rift to The Nine Hells was opened near the border causing mass casualties on both sides, shortly after the rift was opened the Royal Conglomerate was formed and managed to close the rift and establish new laws around demonic and corrupted races.

Outlawed Races
12335 → ?. Tieflings
12286 → 12335. Tieflings, Dragonborn, Dialias, Aasimar, and Changlings

Pale blue on top, White on bottom, Black Royal crown in center

Oxtrad became an official country when its very first King took the throne as their own above all others.

Age of Gold

Powerful adventures tunneled down into the Underdark.
Those that returned brought the throne known today as the crown of Oxtrad.
It’s rumoured those that survived either ascended or were driven mad.

Age of Expansion

7599 - The throne that had sat empty for so long was finally filled with Oxtrad’s first King. During his rule the great underground cities are built, trade routes are established and functioning economics are established.
7999 - Oxtrad is hit with the wire plague.
8009 - Oxtrad’s first King dies due to the wire plague. This same year Oxtrad’s 2nd Ruler, An Aasimar Queen takes the throne.
8057 - Oxtrad is fully free of the Wire virus thanks to the current queen’s push away from traditional medicine and cures and towards more experimental magic cures using Oxtrad’s unique minerals and creatures.
8490 - War of the Underdark begins
8506 - Oxtrad’s 2nd Ruler dies in battle against the Underdark.
8507 - War of the Underdark ends.
8508 - Oxtrad’s 3rd Ruler takes the Throne, Great King Tomma, The Mad.
8517 - Tomma’s Crossing is built separating the north from the rest of the country.
8520 - The City of Hemlet is decreed a place where all citizens that reject the current ruler are to go. They will not be prosecuted, but they will not be helped either.
8579 - The secret Project of Stowjaw is started with the help of Nabilhime. Nabilhime is granted far more status and resources if they keep the work of Stowjaw secret.
8600 - The First Warforged is created by the Fire giants of Nabilhime Fortress.
9061 - Trade has been slowing down since Tomma’s rule however this year it officially stopped between the borders of Covania and the water borders of Reton.
9110 - King Tomma is assassinated. Civil War breaks out within Oxtrad.
9212 - Oxtrad’s 4th Ruler takes the throne, Great Queen Lady Fate, The Saviour.

Age of Kingdoms

10451~ - Queen Lady Fate passes away due to age.
10452~ - Oxtrad’s 5th Ruler takes the throne, Queen Lady Valour.
10749 - Nabilhime is invaded and destroyed by a 3rd party known as the Cult of Eyes.
12263 - Oxtrad’s 6th Ruler takes the throne, Queen Welington, The Feared.
12264 - Ashlem war breaks out between Oxtrad and Covania.
12270 - Large rift to Nine Hells is opened near the border
12272 - Conglomerate is formed between Covania and Oxtrad ceasing the war between the two but continuing war with devils and demons
12285 - War between Conglomerate and Nine Hells is ended as rift is closed
12286 - Introduction of outlawed races in Covania and Oxtrad

Oxtrad Is ruled under a dictatorship. This Dictator is known as either King or Queen of Oxtrad during their rule.
Kings and Queens are not chosen by Bloodline, rather chosen by authority and power.
A King/Queen Rules over Oxtrad for their lifetime and once that lifetime is up either naturally or unnaturally the Throne is left empty, ready to be claimed by any citizen of Oxtrad.
The Throne can be challenged by anyone openly, however the King/Queen has the authority to refuse any challenge they wish. This is seen as Cowardly and so leaders lose faith of their people if they refuse challenges and are quickly removed by other means.
This way of leadership was brought about by the nature of The Throne an ancient relic pillaged from the Underdark thousands and thousands of years ago before Oxtrad came to be known as a country.
When the first King took their place upon the throne, the people of the land saw him as the bravest and strongest of them all and so came to know him as King. and so Oxtrad’s reign began.

Aside from the King/Queen’s rule, there are what’s known as Sages. Hand-picked advisers by the king or Queen to help them manage and rule Oxtrad. Normally Sages handle things like resource management, Taxes, repairs, in the land, etc.

An unofficial rule is given to noble families. These noble families have long bloody history in Oxtrad and are known for being very wealthy and powerful. Each family took a city in Oxtrad and expanded upon it with their wealth, helping make Oxtrad what it is today. Although the noble families have no actual say at how the country is run, they have status with the Queen or King and settle disputes, taxes, issues and problems within their city.
The nobles get to keep their power so long as the Queen/ King sees they are taking care of their cities. The Crown of Oxtrad refers to the Throne itself and not a head piece. To Sit in the Throne is to accept Oxtrad as your land and to lead it into a Glorias future.

Crowned Ruler History
Unknown, before 8000: An Elven man who ruled for some hundreds of years building the foundations of Oxtrad. A plague killed him and many others.

Unknown: An Aasimar woman took up rule in 8009 during the wire plague. She pushed for magic research and experimentation to stop the plague resulting in the beginnings of Oxtrad’s magic scientists and smiths. They stopped the plague with a cure, but it permanently altered the physical appearance of the people. She died while fighting a war with the Underdark in 8506.

Great King Tomma, The Mad: a Human man who feared death above all else. During his rule the country was divided. Trade to other countries slowed to a crawl and Tomma’s gate was created to lock off the North. In his search for immortality the country fell into a downturn, many people came to challenge his rule but he refused every one. Eventually he was assassinated and civil war broke out. 9110.

Queen Fate, The Saviour: Unspoken borders riddled the land of Oxtrad with so much spilled blood. For 100 years the Throne was left empty until it was taken by what Oxtrad knows today as the saviour. An Elven Aasimar Half-breed woman took on the burden of putting Oxtrad together again. Her Rule extended for almost 1000 years. Her oath was not to give up the throne until Oxtrad was healed. A huge amount of progress was made during her rule, eventually passing away due to old age but not before giving the country 2 daughters. One of them taking her mother’s spot. It was the first time Oxtrad had the same bloodline for two different rulers.

Queen Lady Valour, The Scarred: Picking up right where her mother left off Valour continued to improve the general condition of Oxtrad. The war with the under dark had opened up new possibilities and magic research was at full. Valour Spent a majority of her rule travelling the lands of Oxtrad polishing and improving the citizens’ way of life. During her rule poverty was almost brought to 0 and trade was doing very well. The rising tensions with Covania were a concern, but Oxtrad was in such a good place that Valour didn’t wish to upset it with another war.
Queen Welington, the feared.
Sister to Valour and her right-hand advisor and Guardian. She stuck by Valour’s side during her rule but did not share her Mother’s or sister’s idea of calm and peace. As tensions grew, so did Wellington’s anger at Covania, constantly trying to convince her sister to make a stand.

After years of trying, Welington took the throne by force with a new not seen before power over beasts from the Underdark. Almost immediately after she took the throne, she declared war on Covania. Welington earned Favour very quickly with her people, fighting alongside them rather than issuing commands from her castle. Covania’s armies had numbers and skilled warriors but Oxtrad had powerful magics and their soldiers were armed with forged magical items, quality vs quantity and with the newfound beast mastery of Wellington’s Rule things were looking well in their favour.

A land that snows 9 months of the year and hails the other 3
Seemed in rich magical ore and creatures, the citizens of Oxtrad are cultured with experimental magic.
The land itself is surrounded by mountains on the shoreline. The seas frozen further north you go so only shipping done is near the border.
Cities in Oxtrad are heavily fortified from the elements and powerful creatures that stalk the land.
Most cities are partly or completely underground. They use old strip mines or natural gigantic caverns created by the monsters underground as a haven from the cold.
Other cities are carved into mountains, it’s very rare for buildings to be manufactured in Oxtrad rather than carved into the rock.
Further south the cold gives way to tundra with thick forests and eventually the scorched lands of the border.
Magic is used to grow farms underground without sunlight.
There is a separate Royal family in each city around Oxtrad with one almighty Queen or King that governs them all with Cold mercy.

Long before Oxtrad was colonised gigantic insect like creatures known as Behemoths called the underground of these harsh lands home. Giant centipede like creatures their bodies coarse with a molten substance that keeps them from freezing in the cold climates.

Gigantic bat like creatures that stalk the skies at night. Wingspans as large as an adult dragon and deathly quiet until their piercing screams are let loose.

Six legged, eyeless mammal creatures that burrow through snow and rock the same. They often Hunt alone but stay with a mate until cubs are old enough to fend for themselves.

Ocolot Hornets
Giant Hornet like creatures that call the forests of Oxtrad their home. They get their name for their love of the berries that grown in Oxtrad.

The North

The North represents the entire north tip of Oxtrad. Some of the harshest weather spawns around here. The land is surrounded by giant mountains and not a lot of vegetation grows here other than the base of the mountains.
This Region is home to the capital and two other major underground cities.

Umastryx: Capital Of Oxtrad



Glorious Rise/ Luna Vally

A majority of this Region is up or down hill depending on your perspective. From Tomma’s crossing, it’s pretty much slowly downhill until you reach Hamlet. The weather is nowhere near as bad here as it is further north, and much more vegetation grows in the snow around here.
mountains still border the coast, but as Lunna valley stops so does the mountains.

Tomma’s Crossing
The border that separates the north from the rest of Oxtrad, The wall was built during Great king Tomma’s Rule, driven mad by paranoia her ordered the wall be built to prevent rebels and creatures from reaching the north. It was also during his rule that the capital was moved. Today the capital serves as a large military base and a border, keeping anyone that has no need to enter the north of Oxtrad from entering. It’s also home to various hunting families and civilian markets, making a perfect Reston for any traveler and the only rest stop for many day’s journey.

A large rundown village, The village is right in the middle of Oxtrad but receives minimal support, the nobles that control this village do not agree with the current queen’s rule and so have been punished for it.

A large underground city close to the western coast of Oxtrad. It’s known as the safest, most livable city in Oxtrad, free from the North’s secrets and safely built underground. Many residents of Hemlet moved here after life became too hard. It's that last underground city travelling south.

This City holds possibly the largest population per single city. Many travelers make the trip here for Oxtrad exclusive trade. A little piece of all Oxtrad traditions can be found here, and the most magically advanced technology can only be found here outside of the North.

Vylanna Forrest

A huge thick Forrest in the middle of Oxtrad. Temperature is still low, but the land is covered in green instead of white. The Forrest holds many many secrets and its off ten people get lost without a guide never to leave the Forrest.

Frigid Coast
On the west coast is a huge coastal city. Its primary purpose nowadays is trading with Reton and seafood supply. It is a nice city, friendly and easygoing; it has to be as it is in the trade works. You can find passage to Reton from here by boat.

Oclot Town
A large town near the Oclot berry fields. The town is primarily there for farming of the berries and distribution. It also is home to the great Hornets of Oxtrad where they are kept and rammed.

Sera Sand-Sea

A large desert in the south of Oxtrad. The sands are every active being blown around by heavy sand storms, together with the large underground cave networks the desert is constantly shifting and changing. Plenty of desert shrubs and other related vegetation grow where the desert is stable and static.

Trident City: ColdStone

Trident City: Old Umastryx

Trident City: Cratel

Nabelhime Ruins

Oxtrad has been built on the foundation that the strong will survive and thrive. This leads many to assume that people less well off are weak and left behind, which is not true at all.
Rather people in Oxtrad and taught to rise above themselves and all others. Push through hardship as it tests your resolve.

Oxtrad people are very proud of themselves and their country, more so than other nations. People treated differently are foreigners, either not taken seriously or just ignored outright. However, prove yourself capable in the land of Oxtrad and they will welcome you as equals.

Pleading for help is not the Oxtrad way. The word help alone is taboo. Most Oxtradian people are taught to fight for themselves and to overcome their problems to get stronger. Help is only granted to those who show genuine need of it. A special oath of sorts is normally said.

If you have put forth everything you have, if by every ounce of strength has been given, every breath expelled from your body, no resolve untested and you still cannot overcome, then you have earned the right to receive help.

This way of life has strengthened Oxtrad as a whole, but for some has sparked bitter rivalry. The biggest example was the city of Nabilhime.

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