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Old Gods

New Gods - Patrons

Scribe written by Lady Valour and Professor Stem

Almost nothing is truly known about the old gods, it is said they existed before the very concept of existence was conceived.
an extra dimensional library called 'The scribes word' Holds texts that speak of small fraction of the Old Gods and what they are. forces like time and space, inconceivable beings so far above the idea of life and death its impossible to truly let words on parchment tell of them.
One thing is for sure, they never act upon an urge, almost everything happens just by their presence. the very idea of matter and existence came from their collective power just happening to forge creation itself. most say the thing we call existence is just merely a dream of something far far far above any mortals very imagination of ascension.

No mortal can ever hope to match any of the old god's power as they cannot even fathom the idea of it.

Texts Speak of one Old God that was stripped of its name, as it acted upon urge as a mortal would. may the all mother have even the slightest bit of mercy on us all.

All Old ones loose their child, still birth of ideals or miss carriage of beliefs. forever searching for suitable surrogates of their orphans.
Maidens are chosen during the setting of an Eclipsed Moon to be new mothers.
A blessed fate of the unhinged mind


The Watcher
To put such a being into descriptive text is certainly a challenge even for me but i will do my best
imagine, if you can… a creature covered in the trypophobia skin disease and every hole is home to one or even two unblinking constantly shifting eyes, a body like ebb and flow of wind and water, ideas if blue and grey, a grub body of something more unseen, teeth of man yet ideas of serenity and acceptance. it sees all that has yet to be seen and has already seen what has yet to be known.
as it floats or stays, it has always been where it is but can phase from your sight at any moment and you will cry out that you have seen it since the beginning but have never seen it before.
you will question everything your eyes tell you as the ebb and flow infects your sight.
Most mortals rip their eyes out after coming into direct line of sight with the watcher. sometimes more then once as the swear even after they scoop their eyes out they still see the countless visions of the watcher plaguing their sight.
Alignment: True Neutral
Domain: The lakes between Dimensions
Symbol: A Sea of Eyes
Primary Followers: Followers of the Watcher
Notable Followers:
Followers of the watcher normally sacrifice their eye sight as a show of faith to the great old God, most lesser followers simply cover their eyes with fabric or metal but the more devoted have their eyes removed and offered as sacrifice for the Old God. these most faithful do not need to see as the watcher sees for them.
these devoted are often trained as clerics or monks are through there devotion are granted a minds eye by the Watcher.

At a moment when this great entity was at its most vulnerable hit with a idea that it not anticipated Norgrazath's corpse lies on the land of Exilis, at least the idea or it, torn down the middle by a violent shift in time and reality has rendered this great old god in a state of a sort of Half-life, It is not dead nor alive, its not even correct to say it currently exists in a fathomable state. A coma of eternity that this entity will never truly wake from.


The Crawler
Again? you want me to tell you about his foul being?
The Crawler… it resides at the center of infinity it has never come into what we call the physical idea of reality. the crawler existent in the depths of creation's subconscious. Suffering, pain, a great maw of ending torment. a head of dread pulled beyond the idea of sight as a scream that shatters sanity and soul alike.
endless red sky of finite dread that you are set free to, leave behind the idea of hope and happiness as its swallowed by all fear, prime terror, raw dread.
what remains of a mortal figure twisted by the very idea of negative ideals rises before you, the maw with human blunt teethe and a warm darkness down it swallows.
It crawls through ideals subconscious, always waiting for never touching your mind.
People that claim to have seen this Old god become unhinged from the very fabric of reality. first their mind, then body, then soul as its dissolved and spread thought all ideas of reality, Imagine, yourself split into countless more, all suffering the raw dread of the crawler for all eternity.
Alignment: True Neutral
Domain: The lakes between Dimensions
Symbol: Human Teeth slightly open
Primary Followers: Followers of the Crawler
Notable Followers: Valefor


The Sleeper
Shapeless forms of countless ideas, A mist of nightmares follows this Entity wherever it decides to be. countless strands fall from a stone cold mind.
The Sleeper is in some ways the most powerful of the Old gods with the power to re write time itself at will. because of this we are not even sure this Old god truly exists as it could be an idea from a previous time line of it was written into time by itself? not a lot about the Sleeper is known other then its slumber is the only thing keeping out reality intact, some make the theory that time is constantly unraveling and changing itself and only the Sleeper's slumber keeps it tied down and stable.
What ever actually happens we all know to never ever disturb this Old God
A Theory has presented itself that this may be our human idea of how we see a projection of the thoughts from Thy All Womb.

Alignment: True Neutral
Domain: The lakes between Dimensions
Symbol: A gaping void slit surrounded by mist
Primary Followers: Followers of the Sleeper
Notable Followers: Professor Stem
Followers of the sleeper seek eternal rest above all else, they work in ancient magic weaving dreams and nightmares far bellow the water's surface. Its believed that the deeper you go the more silence takes over, as if diving deep into a dream, the most devoted are said to have found The Sleeper deep within their own dreams and thus have been chosen to spend eternity in silence and rest which is seen as a great honor, these devoted are honored and put in a deep tomb where they remain asleep till the end of time.


The Harvester
Alignment: True Neutral
Domain: The lakes between Dimensions
Symbol: Many bodies hung upside down
Primary Followers: Nil
Notable Followers: The Decota Family

The Sin's Cloak
A ancient and powerful relic said to be cut from Nyala's very body. when the time is right those who are worthy that wear this ancient item will be protected by The Red Sin A phantom of the true Nyala but a fraction of god is more power then a mortal will ever need.


Daughter to All
As one goes silent a new born takes its place, Still born after the watcher had left us. it crawled out of its mother's womb screaming and crying, in a land twisted by events it set out to wake that should not be woken as to set what was once taken.
Alignment: True Neutral
Domain: The lakes between Dimensions
Symbol: Nil
Primary Followers: Nil
Notable Followers:

Thy Who Shall Remain Nameless

A sea of the deepest shapeless black, host to the void of lost, Orbs of vision lie in the center of something darker than black. a bottomless sea, a bottomless curse, a form of everything that once was and can be.
Domain: Stripped of the right
Symbol: Previous Host: A Nameless Hero, Current Host: Parker Knight
Primary Followers: None are Allowed
Notable Followers: None are Allowed
Thoughts speak of a flute played by 5 maidens will wake Thy all womb and erase everything we know.


Thy all Womb
Logic dose not contain what we are trying to create with words. The idea that our thought of reality is just the dream of a being so high above our understanding of eternity it has driven most beings mad just trying to understand it. Thy all womb at the center of oblivion and eternity May it never wake from whatever justice of slumber it is currently in.
Alignment: True Neutral
Domain: The Very idea of existence
Symbol: A Broken Infinity Symbol
Primary Followers: None
Notable Followers:

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