Name Keenan
Race Eladrin (Elf)
Gender Male
Nationality Unknown

Character Information

Class Bard, Warlock
Background Adventurer's Scion
Born ?
Alignment ?
Languages Common, Sylvan, Elvish
Family (Father)
Affiliations Witchlight
Faith None
Profession Adventurer (???-???)

Physical Description

Height ?
Weight ?
Skin ?
Eyes ?
Hair ?


(Bard - College of Eloquence 10)
(Warlock - Archfey 2)
Ability Scores
Saving Throws
Acrobatics (Dex) +5 History (Int) +2 Nature (Int)P +4 Sleight of Hand (Dex) +5
Animal Handling (Wis) +5 Insight (Wis) +5 Perception (Wis)P +7 Stealth (Dex) +5
Arcana (Int) +2 Intimidation (Cha)E +13 Performance (Cha)E +13 Survival (Wis) +5
Athletics (Str) +1 Investigation (Int) +2 Persuasion (Cha)E +13
Deception (Cha)E +13 Medicine (Wis) +5 Religion (Int) +2


Save DCModifier
CantripsSpell 1
Spell 2
1st lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
2nd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
3rd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
4th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
5th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
6th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
7th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
8th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
9th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2

Spell Slots

1st lvl2nd lvl3rd lvl
4th lvl5th lvl6th lvl
7th lvl8th lvl9th lvl

Keenan grew up in a loving family, a mother, father and siblings.

He started his adventuring career young, with his father and uncle. Both taught Keenan various things about survival and training his body, while enjoying the world around them. He particularly enjoyed learning about nature and the energies of the world, which lead him to develop a magical connection with the plants and animals.

When his father wasn't adventuring, or going somewhere he deemed too dangerous for Keenan, Keenan would play with his siblings and help his mother run her shop. He loved those times and treasured his family dearly.

Despite this, Keenan never felt like he was able to properly communicate how he felt to others. His family knew he loved them dearly, but that didn't stop his frustration when he couldn't say the words he wanted or express his emotions. As the years went on, this frustration grew to anger and resentment towards himself. This would reach a breaking point when he would have to say good bye to his uncle but wasn't able to say anything to him. This lead to Keenan searching for extreme measures to 'cure' himself.

The plants and animals told him of a hag that lived nearby his mother's home, but warned against visiting her. Keenan ignored the warnings and ventured out by himself to meet the hag, who was located in some old nearby ruins. The hag offered to help him express himself more in exchange for old memories of him. Keenan accepted and, as most deals with hags go, the deal backfired horribly.

Keenan was transformed into an Eladrin and he lost his connection to the nature around him but instead felt a magical connection with the hag. Using his uncle's training he was able to take some of the hag's magic for himself and lashed out at the hag, who teleported away. Even know he still feels a magical connection with hag.

When he returned to his family, none of them recognised him or had any memories of Keenan existing at all. Keenan returned to the ruins and investigated, learning that the hag and her magic was tied to the Feywilds and that he would need someone experienced in the knowings of the Feywild to reverse it. Keenan decided the best way to undo the curse is to look for a way into the Feywild and find someone experienced enough to undo his transformation and return his family's memories. And if he could hunt down the hag he made a deal with, all the better…




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