The SilverScales was once a prideful clan known for their unique scale colours.With careful harvesting , the clan made their wealth selling their scales to trusted jewellers and armour-smiths alike. Their business went well until a noble, Lord Francis, refused to the limited supply of beautiful scales. His greed saw him send men to search for the clan and enslaved them to his and his wive's own needs.

Riza was young when her clan was taken, following fearfully. The young Dragonborne did not understand at the time that their kind was outlawed and the human had the upper hand. Her resistance to the Lord was what made the lord look at her twice, her unique black and pink scales was what earned her favouritism among the nobles.

Riza grew up under the direct command of the Lady, doing chores quickly in order to help her family who had more unfortunate jobs. Those who could not work or resisted were sent off to “ slab” where Lord Francis orders them to be skinned alive. The hide is either used for his own collection or sold to merchants for armour. Sometimes the lady and lord sent members of the clan for no reason, just to keep the clan on their toes.

Riza's adventuring lifestyle began the night she killed her master, Lady Francis. After the lady had personally cut a large scale out of Riza's body one night and denying that a slave could make something as beautiful, Riza used the scale to murder the lady and fled.

She now fights for freedom of her kind and anyone whom is treated unfairly.

Riza SilverScale
Player Ida Race Text
Level 11 Class Class (00)
Alignment Chaotic Good Death Saving 0-Successes 0-Fails
Hit Points ?? Passive Perception ?? - Insight ??
AC ?? Birth
Speed 00ft. Hit Dice
Initiative dex mod Hit Dice Used 00
Bouns +? Hit Dice Total 0d0
Age 00 Join C0-S00
Status Text Leave C0-S00
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
score(+mod) score(+mod) score(+mod) score(+mod) score(+mod) score(+mod)
save save save save save save
Prof Skill Mod Prof Skill Mod
Proficient Acrobatics 0 Text Medicine 0
Expertise Animal Handling 0 Text Nature 0
Text Arcana 0 Text Perception 0
Text Athletics 0 Text Performance 0
Text Deception 0 Text Persuasion 0
Text History 0 Text Religion 0
Text Insight 0 Text Sleight of Hand 0
Text Intimidation 0 Text Stealth 0
Text Investigation 0 Text Survival 0
Languages Text
Feats Text
Proficiencies Text
Expertise Text
Tool Proficiencies Text
Spell Casting Ability WIS/INT/CHA
Save DC 00 Modifier +00
Level Slots Spells
Cantrip - Firebolt
1st 0
2nd 0
3rd 0
4th 0
5th 0
6th 0
7th 0
8th 0
9th 0
Platinum Gold Silver Copper
0 0 0 0
Item Stats
Item Stats
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