Zun "Anvil"

Name Zun
Alias Anvil
Race Kobold
Gender Male
Nationality ?

Character Information

Class Cleric (Forge Domain)
Born 12308 (29)
Alignment Neutral Evil
LanguagesCommon, Draconic, Dwarvish, Undercommon
FamilyHigh Priest Dranak (Mentor)
ProfessionCleric of Volkanus

Physical Description

Height 2'11
Weight 37lbs
Skin Crimson
Eyes Black
Hair N/A



A small crimson coloured creature adorned in heavy armour. The armour looks Finely crafted and custom fit. It's carrying a mace matching the quality of the armour is carried next to. The creature has no hair on it's body, some folk has likend in to that of a “skinless cat”. It's eyes are large in proportion to its headsize but small in comparison to its overly large ears. They seem to always have a disgruntled expression on their face. It's a Kobold.

In the smouldering caverns of Ashlem Rise, where the relentless clang of metal birthed both weapon and armour, there emerged a runt of a kobold, scales the hue of hot iron, with eyes that glinted with a dark intellect. This was Zun, found abandoned at the molten doorstep of the Great Forge Temple of Volkanus, a deity whose name whispered promises of divine fire and unbreakable steel.

At the age of two, Zun was taken in by the temple's formidable head, High Priest Dranak, whose stern gaze commanded the flickering shadows and whose word was law in the sacred halls where metal sang and fires roared. Dranak recognised not a creature to be pitied but a potential channel for Volkanus's fiery blessings, a being whose very essence could be honed like the metals they worshiped.

Under the soot-blackened arches, Zun's nimble fingers learned the art of the hammer and anvil, and his mind absorbed the holy incantations that shaped the world's bones. Yet, within him, a darkness brewed, an evil that revelled not in the tenets of good or the cries for empathy, but in the raw act of creation. To Zun, the forge was not just devotion; it was the altar of his essence, the birthplace of his ambition.

As he grew in prowess, so too did the brilliance of his works. Zun was not merely a disciple within the temple; he embodied the heart of the forge itself, an artisan ready to unleash his mastery upon a world that would soon know the might of Zun, a cleric of the forge.




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