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Name / Titles: Sezka, (Blackout, Griss, Red)
Class: (Fighter, Warlock)
Race: Human
Nationality: Corvanian

Character Information

Background: Veteran
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Languages: Common
Tools: Tattoist Tools, Scribes Tools
Gear: Simple & Martial Weapons
All Armour & Shields
Saves: Strenght, Constitution
Profession: Magic Mark Artist
Legal Document scribe
Affiliation: Blinding Spear
Sea Spire
Faith: Nozgoth

Physical Description

Height: 6ft / 182cm (Medium)
Weight: 161lbs / 73kg
Complexion: (Covered in Tattoos)
Hair: n/a
Gender: Female


Mother: Unknown (Deceased)
Father: Unknown (Deceased)
Partner: Jackie
Children: unknown
Marital Status: Defacto

Stories & Champaings

Grey-hawk Rebellion: Player Character


Level 13
(8 Warlock)
(5 Fighter)
Base Total
InitSpeed Prof
+030ft +00
Health Armor ClassP.Perception
00 00 00
11(0) 18(+4) 14(+2)
17(+3) 13(+1) 17(+3)

Bold Stat = Proficency in Stat

+0 Medicine
Animal Handling
+0 Nature
+0 Perception
+0 Performance
+0 Persuasion
+0 Religion
+0 Sleight of Hand
+0 Stealth
+0 Survival

Bold Stat = Profficeny in Skill

Racial Traits

Spell Casting

Spell/Ability Modifier

Save DC Modifier
00 00

once A man of many faces, Sezka has been know by many people under many different names, Griss, Red, Blackout, Timothy
Many different walks of life Sezka has traveled down and its left them nothing short of unstable. Finally his guise was lost, his real face and name revealed but not for very long, Making a pact with a Erdrich god to further their study in Dark arts, however their pact was more than they bargained for when their body was warped and changed so dramatically that they were almost a completely different being, the only thing rememecent of the old Sezka being the name and the memories.

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Rundown of a few likes and quirks.
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Morals, Trauma, fears, desires, hobbies Other characters your character has relevant relations with. Family, lovers, rivals. Mentors, friends

Choose a background, Mechanical lore based on your characters current or past experience

Before Blinding Spear
Sezka the yougest in a religious family watches as they are all slowly taken away by sickness leaving him alone and hatefull.

Time in Blinding Spear
Time in war changes how people think, Sezka joined the war effort as a child

Magic Tattoos
After the war Sezka's skill with ink didn't stop at cyphers, codes and letters. After the war he begun practicing a new form of augmentation involving weaving magic power into ink then onto flesh. ready to use it to their advantage.

Re-Call to Duty: Greyhawk Rebelion
An old war friend comes to Sezka asking a favour

Post Rebelion
A new Country is made, Sezka tries his best to fit into a new order however his bitterness and untrusting nature causes a fall out. Taking his new comoanions and leaving with them.

Deal with Nozgoth
Further study into the Arcane arts lead him down a Dark path, quickly turning away from his scholars of wizards and down into a Patron's promise of power in Eldrich secrets, His soul now Bound to the patron Nozgoth his research is at its peak with endless resources but nobody not even Sezka himself is sure what his end goal is.

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