Against the Horde Session 1 (Special)
The Wizard Owyn, Master of Evocation & Abjuration at Remon's Academy, has promised Malum a deed to an old tavern named the Tipsy Octopus, and Kat promised transport and a lead on her Wife's and child's killers. All they need to do is hold off an endless horde of orcs and kill their leader before they breach the defences protecting a small un-named village West of Ayeshencliff, upon falling to the orcs each let off powerful magical blasts as they were teleported to Sunwood having successfully held off the attack long enough for the village to flee.

Welcoming Sun Session 2
Malum and Kat appear in Owyn's study alongside Ade and Takitar. The group heads to their new home where they find Boots, a member of Malum's guild, Blackfyre from Ostrov. All trying finding a foot in Sunwood they make friends in a tavern two doors down, the Stuffed Badger, and later on testing their luck with stealing a collection of potions from an alchemist alongside some jewellery and equipment from a general store.

Fancy Boots! Session 3
Waking up the following morning, Boots departs and begins his search for intel and new locks while Malum checks in with her new contacts at the Stuffed Badger where Thomas, the owner, asks that Malum return after sunset for a potential job. The group goes onto a scouting and shopping trip, after acquiring some minor magical items and furniture for their new home, Mal returns to the Badger and learns of a incoming shipment surrounded in mystery, perking Kat's interest she goes to the docks to starting scouting the area but ends up in a confrontation resulting in her falling unconscious in the water

4.5 Lives Session 4
The group awakens to find Kat missing, having not returned from the scouting mission. Immediately leaving to check the docks they find there was a disturbance on one of the boats last night, after some investigation and talking with Boots' contact within the Torment of Claws they learn that the Claws has captured a would be thief that interrupted their job.
A deal is eventually reached, Kat's freedom for two boxes of wine, accepting the deal Kat is let out, the group returns home as the tavern is reopened and business is established.

Shire Cannibal Session 5
Picking up a contract to deal with a cannibal the newly formed business delves into the woods and fights with the cannibal ending in its demise as the head is removed and cottage burnt down.

Dual Heist Session 6
The Blackfyre Corporation establishes itself and to prove their abilities pull off two heists in one night. Their first target, the Springbok carrying a large amount of wine and rum, the group steals enough to pay their debt to the Torment of Claws and some more to supply their bar and personal stash, with the goods away the Springbok was set alight to provide a distraction to their second target, the Caroline a mystery ship with minimal crew upon boarding and going below the deck they find a Barbed Devil guarding a crate and a scroll case, during the fight the Caroline is set ablaze by the devil but the Blackfyre crew escape with loot in hand.

Empty graves Session 7
After their successful heist the group picks up a contract to investigate graves that are being dug up at Lily Vale Cemetery. After setting traps they hid until the traps were sprung by a corpse collector and a few zombies it had created. Quickly dispatching it after it stabbed Takitar.

Unholy Pleasure Session 8
Picking up a job from the Temple of Tyr to clear out a whore house taken over by succubui, the Blackfyre corp tries blending into the crowd, Kat puts coin down for 'services' shortly after being separated from the group Kat is killed and the rest are ambushed by succubui, after riding the initial threat a cleric sent to aid in the job revives Kat, upon further investigation a basement is found with plentiful rations and supplies, some of which are donated to the Temple.

Market stroll Session 9
After talking with Master Wizard Owyn, the group set out to investigate magical interference in Lilian's Gate. On their way they stroll through the markets, finding a hidden in plain sight drug trade, later in the day Ade spies a magical amulet which is retrieved after an elaborate distraction. After the successful theft they settle in and wait until nightfall below making their move on the house radiating magic.

Mimic House Session 10
Continuing Owyn's contract the group enter the magical house finding it empty, walls shift, doors disappear and group find themselves trapped and fighting Mimics, Malum turns on the group attacking them but quickly revealed she had been swapped and replaced by a mimic, real Malum breaks free and group kills the house sized mimic as its form reverts to an amorphous heap of flesh, Kat's detect magic guides Takitar to find clothes that shift and change.

Ghostly Leads Session 11
Malum is woken up by Boots before sunrise, informing her that a ghostly visitor is refusing to leave until she's spoken with the owner. The tiefling ghost Naomi after learning the original owner is no longer around requests help or find someone that can. Naomi wants revenge for her husband handing her into the city guard. A meeting is set up with the Torment of Claws to ensure no toes are being stepped on, after confirming all good they enter Gormon's house, knocking him out and tying him up.

Naomi & Gormon Session 12
While waiting for Gormon to wake up the group raid his house finding jewellery, gold, bank notes, and an unlit magical red candle. After waking Gormon answered all the questions he could revealing he turned in Naomi 19 years ago fearing for his life after she revealed a plot to kill the King, they had sent their daughter Maleny south to Graycott when she was 5, nearly 28 years ago. Satisfied with their answers the group took turns killing Gormon, reviving him between rounds, ending with staging an accidental house fire.
Returning to the inn Takitar retrieved Naomi's hidden stash, keeping the gold and a magic short sword, returning a locket containing a portrait of Maleny. Members of the Claws (Thesh, Nickolas, Smokes, Alexia, & Greyson) visited the inn and celebrated with Blackfyre even offering a job to teach a few traitors a lesson about leaving the Claws protection.

The Gates Session 13
In the morning, Tak and Kat visit the magic shop at Remon's academy to pay for and collect their items. After their shopping trip the group scouts out the Docks tracking down the first defector “Lambert”, managing to follow him to a sewer and abandoned house in the Tulip Heights and after getting caught in a fire trap bust into an iron door within the sewers. A tense stand off ensues with a group calling themselves 'the Gates' consisting of King, Lambert, Renfry, and Lilian, eventually coming to an agreement, the gates will lay low and collect information on a second mystery ship.
Kat receives a message from Owyn to meet him and Hebaroot, Master of Conjuration and Necromancy. Hebaroot is done examining the teleportation circles and is worried about a new demon invasion as six of the circles lead to the Nine Hells and other three to the capitals of Mor-Thir; Sunwood, Dragonhold, and Umastryx.

Arcane happenings Session 14
The following morning the members of Blackfyre return to Hebaroot who teleports the group to the circle outside of Sunwood, discovering only an arcane circle made of hot ash and stone. Mal detected the presence of a Dragon, tracking it to the King's Hold district. Unable to find any further leads Mal with the help of Ade and Tak with stealing a Cloak of Montebank and a Dragon Slayer Longbow hiding it first a bag of holding and then in Owyn's inter-planar study.

Dragon, Desert, & Dance Session 15
Malum, Takitar and Owyn spend the evening researching dragons for a possible lead, Kat listens in on students talking about the only dragon in city being in the gallery. Following morning group meets Owyn at Forvon's Gallery and peruse its pieces notably a giant tapestry reweaving itself to show the district, a painting that changes to a better version of yourself, a restful green dragon in a grove that you can hear and feel, and a 10,000 year old petrified statue of Bartholomew, Knight of Anera.

Returning to the tavern Boots gives Malum a letter from Dance, a contact in the desert town of Cros-Glas claiming to have knowledge on Maleny Rigsm, but refuses to travel to Sunwood claiming “…too much water there.” Gathering their supplies they head out toward Cros-Glas.

Kids Chasing the Sun Session 16 (Special)
Meeting with Dance, they describe that they show and tell stories through dreams, entering the dream Blackfyre find themselves in the bodies of Maleny, Vaughan, Dazran, Idris, and Dance. Initially they wake up surrounded by guards as they try to escape Graycott, entering a sewer tunnel they find themselves on a floating island being destroyed by dragons, Vaughan and Kat recognise an elf named Halflar as he opens a portal for the group. Stepping through Dance and Ade find themselves at the siege of the Thorn Throne escorting a battering ram. Smashing through the door they enter a vault, Idris and Malum recognise an elf, Idris knowing him as Hedington, Malum knowing him as her brother Theoden. Exiting the vault Dazran finds themself working for a Lore Devil, Takitar recognising the sigil from his past in multiple locations as they burn down a house full of so called 'traitors'. Travelling through a tunnel the group finds themselves near their escape cart, a scrawny man ushers them into the cart, but gives Maleny a porcelain mask saying “Put it on, magic disguise. If anyone asks, you're name is Ansley and you're a farmhand working for me.” as the dream ends.

The Mages of Cros-Glas Session 17
In return for the visions Dance asks the group to deliver a package to the only other mage in Cros-Glas, Amonora, Blackfyre suspicious about the package take it out of town and open it. Exploding in Kat's face in a large fireball and turning everything else into a fine sand, the group avoids trouble from the authorities and reports the trap to Amonora who for an additional fee modifies Mal's stolen cape and bow. Blackfyre then returns to Sunwood, avoiding confronting Dance.

Returning to Sunwood they find Boots has built a VIP booth in the tavern, Mal invites Claws members Thesh and Greyson to the tavern and asking them to arrange a meeting with Ansley Grimm. The following day Mal has Owyn inspect the modified items finding an additional malicious charm placed upon each, as a thanks and wishing for confirmation Mal invites Owyn and his friends (Movrag, Hebaroot & Forvon) to the tavern where Movrag, Master of Divination & Enchantment inspects the items confirming Owyn successfully removed the tracking and returning enchantments from the items.

Grimm Affair Session 18
Greyson returns to Blackfyre confirming Ansley is willing to meet at mid-day, Blackfyre being allowed to set the location. Settling on a cafe near Forvon's gallery Greyson departs to inform his boss. Boots informs Takitar on his findings from the sigil appearing on a house in Renfry Gate. Before their meeting with Ansley the group visit's Owyn to enchant a recently purchased tent and a quick stop to the Academy's shop.

Ansley met Blackfyre at the cafe, a brief tension started the meeting with Ansley requesting information of how they connected the names Maleny and Ansley, threatening to leave if not willing to tell. Blackfyre laid out events and findings and Ansley thanked them by giving the group three information favours. Closing off the meeting Tak and Kat went to investigate a lead on the mysterious sigil from Tak's past appearing on a home within Lillian, they spoke with a gnome who has been plagued by nightmares since it's appearance and has tried hiring priests and mages to remove the sigil with no luck.

Owyn's gift & favour Session 19
Returning from the meeting with Ansley Blackfyre find Owyn waiting with news, the first asking the group to investigate a portal that has opened in a farm to the West where a farmer has gone missing, Owyn doesn't suspect any major threat and gives the a scroll to close the portal, in return he'll cover expenses and materials to create a magic tent. The other bit of news, a monthly divination ritual is taking place in a few hours, previous attempts have only revealed the dragon is still within the city but no precise location or further details, however Master Movrag is running the ritual and has invited Blackfyre as they've shown interest and have uncovered same information in much shorter time.

During the ritual Movrag divines information, reciting the below after which tensions grow amongst all attending, the temple and Gold Alliance on one side and the Academy and Blackfyre on the other, accusations of hidden information, manipulation, and too many outside visitors are thrown around, to ease tensions the Academy members and Blackfyre return to the tavern to speak in private.

Beneath Sunwood's facade, a secret dwells,
The Unseen Lady, her rage slowly swells.
Her lair destroyed, the city's unwitting sin,
Sixty years since, remaining hidden within.

The dragon's presence, a mystery unknown,
Amongst the temple's occupants, her seeds are sown.
In plain sight, she observes, concealing her fire,
For those she's encountered, soften her ire.

Dragon search Session 20
Blackfyre speaks with Wizards Owyn and Movrag alongside dragon researchers Bancroft and Leccindon and develop a list of suspects they think is the Unseen Lady. First is Forvon, gallery owner who arrived in Sunwood 50 years and has become more open to the public in recent years and starting a relationship with Owyn, who does not like the idea of Forvon being the dragon but cannot dismiss the potential and mentioned she is out of town. Second is Master Eless, arrived to Sunwood 55 years ago with magical abilities far beyond normal, stand-offish at first has become close friends with the other Masters at the Academy, and 2 years ago became the King's arcane advisor. Third suspect Boots presented with a cork board with lots of notes and red string, Theresia CFO for the Gold Alliance, started working there 65 years ago and fought against the deforestation and expansion of the sprawl, and now heavily funds a forestry business called “The Lady's Fire” on the same land where a silver dragon was found before it fled.

The following day Movrag had prepared spells to enhance Malum's abilities, Movrag and Blackfyre travelled to the forest and through the ritual her enhanced awareness discovered a female adult Green Dragon in Sunwood, a male adult Silver Dragon in Cros-Glas, a female adult Shadow Dragon in the Ashlem Rise, and a male ancient Red Dragon in the Cunning Expanse. Focusing in on the Green Dragon Movrag and Malum see the dragon in it's natural form sleeping in a storage or vault like structure, with their remaining focus the pair focused on the Silver Dragon where they saw a rugged human man walking in the Cros-Glas markets with Amonora, upon seeing the scrying sensor the man cast a spell closing off the connection.

Using their new found knowledge they got Owyn to invite Eless over to the tavern 'to discuss the tent commission' during that time Malum used her awareness but could not sense a dragon, and later walked past the Gold Alliance head office doing the same but could not sense a dragon but unable to confirm if Theresia was in the office or not.

Portal Dive Session 21
After confirming Eless is in fact not a dragon Blackfyre set out to investigate and close the portal outside of town as part of the favour they owe to Owyn and Eless for their requested magical tent. Reaching the portal they find foot prints walking around a rift in space, the other side a colourful and blurry mess. Kat is first to enter and finds the body of a man face down with a large hole through his back, the couple inch tall grass seemingly to be eating it as roots from a nearby tree slowly grow towards it, giving a signal the others enter through. Ade immediately recognising the flora as the feywild but unaware of exact location. Mal detects the presences of many fey but unusually detects two fiends and an elemental.

Investigating the area they find a stone pillar held together with metal and notably two spikes, one point toward the tear they entered from and the other pointing into a dense field of corn-like vines that sway gently without any breeze, their bulbs giving off a rattling noise, Mal glimpses a large stone structure within the but unable to identify any details. Ade flying up to an overview notices sand surrounding the pillar and movement from an unseen creature in the canopy of the twisting feywild trees. The sand shifts into the familiar form of Dance who questions why Blackfyre is here and if they're going to ruin Dance's plans here too, after a tense but brief talk Dance suggests that Blackfyre leave as Dance destorys the pillar as they are interuppted by a stone devil emerges from the field and a barbed devil drops from the canopy. Dance begins destroying the pillar as Blackfyre retreats back through.

On the otherside Mal uses the dispell scroll to close the rift, as she is distracted the rest of the group notice a thin pillar of black smoke rising from the city and a horned devil followed by numerous imps flying toward the group and the now closed rift. Stopping 150ft away and 20ft in the air, the horned devil began to cast a spell. The two groups fought, dashing the devil's attempts to cast their spell while imps set the farmlands ablaze. With the fiends dead they start moving toward the city.

Hell's Company Session 22
Moving into the city following to the pillar of smoke the group finds a large crowd with guards trying to disperse them, they surround a burnt down home. The same that Takitar and Kat had visited two days ago. In the commotion they find a tiefling being arrested as a high priestess from the Temple of Tyr the group recognises from the divination ritual conducted yesterday. Takitar in disguise of a guard leads the tiefling and two other guards away where Kat then knocked the two guards out. They then snuck back to the tavern with the tiefling.

Mal went with the priestess Winona to the Temple to check in on the surviving gnome but she was asleep during the visit, the two investigated the husband's body and found signs of a fight before they were burnt. On their way back to the Tavern Mal spotted a halforc boy tailing them, after a confrontation they boy Tirak revealed he was employed by “Mr.Bren and Mr.VK” to follow and spy on Blackfyre, Mal promised better employment conditions and the boy agreed to turncoat.

In the tavern the group called on Owyn, providing a report of events and findings from the portal and burnt down house. And later Ansley to arrange safe passage for the tiefling Nephrai to Greyhawk where he can live free. Ansley reveals her plan to intercept a second mystery shipment between Cros-Glas and Gued Qeston after she pays a visit to Dance.

Spies and Sands Session 23
The Gates come to Blackfyre to ambush the transport before the Torment of Claws, Blackfyre agrees with their plan and both parties travel to Cros-Glas, as the Gates settle into town and begin arrangements Blackfyre visit Dance's tent but find it empty except for a set of footprints that had walked around the build up of sand. Leaving the tent and surveying it they notice a lady enter, following behind with weapons at the ready they encounter Ansley who was in disguise, she was wishing to meet with the 'coarse traitor', parting ways Blackfyre explores the markets and a short time later they spot a figure searching a body in an alley, Mal identifies the figure as the Silver Dragon she had scryd, playing it safe Kat tails the dragon in disguise finding that he seems to have no schedule.

The following day the “man” confronts Blackfyre during the morning markets advising them he's signed a contract to collect their heads but hasn't been paid yet, Mal proposes a deal and uses suggestion to confirm the arrangement, he is to kill Amonora for 1,000 gold, half now, half later. The dragon accepts warning that the contract on their heads and Dance's are still valid until Amonora is dead, if gets paid or encounters Dance before Amonora he will still fufill those contracts.

Gate Trap Session 24
Travelling together Blackfyre and the Gates, set up an ambush for the mystery shipment. They blocked the road with their cart between two sand dunes. The cart drivers are quickly taken out but during the fighting King and Lilian fall to their demise while Renfry fell unconscious. Malum instucted Lambert to take the cart of supplies, the wounded Renfry and the bodies of King and Lilian back to Sunwood. Knowing that the Torment of Claws would likely recognise the defectors Lambert and Renfry.

Investigating their target cart Blackfyre found the interior to be shrouded in magical darkness, Takitar braved the darkness finding that even with darkvision and magical lights it is not enough to see inside and began to suffer necrosis after a time. Needing a plan they take the cart back to Cros-Glas. Reaching the town they encounter the disguised Silver Dragon who claims Amonora is dead, he receives the remaining payment and he hands over a bag of holding with anything from Amonora's tower he didn't want to keep. Searching the tower Blackfyre finds Amonora's body on the ground floor and the tower ransacked. Returning to the cart they set up their tent and send Ade back to Sunwood to deliver a message to Owyn.

Shadows on the Sand Session 25
While waiting for news from either Ade or Owyn the others take some, downtime however after the fight and sticking his head in the cart Tak dreams have been shrouded in shadows, unable to find a cleric he monitored his symptoms. With the death of Amonora the sands burying the town have slowly started to recede. On the 5th day Owyn appeared in the marketplace, using his expertise and the help from Zun they rid a shadow demon haunting Tak, being wary of the cart Zun removes the curse upon it revealing a crate with a bag of red and hot gems and a parcel trapped with a ward which Owyn dispells, opening it contained a letter written in infernal mentioning a traitor, 3x teleportation circles, and a spell scroll.

Zun on a journey to Sunwood joins the group as Owyn teleports them home. Owyn mentions that Forvon has returned, and Boots mentions the priestess dropped by looking for Tak asking for him to visit the Temple. The following morning on their way out Ansley provides all she can on Halflar and Kat asks for a list of people. She then refunds Tak as she hadn't turned anything up on the Ancient Assembly. Visiting the temple Tak talks with Sherai the wife of gnome who's house burnt down, telling that the day before the demon attack a lady in armour she didn't recognise warned them to leave, they refused. Sherai didn't hear her name clearly but sounded like 'lady has bran' which Tak remembers as 'Lady Dazran' from their visions with Dance. Zun reveals he is investigating whispers of unholy flames and crafts of the nine hells in Sunwood. Tak gives the name to Boots and requests any information he can find on Dazran.

Halflar Mormys Session 26
Taking Ansley's information on Halflar, Kat took Tak and Zun to Gued Queston, only telling that this trip is very important to her. Upon reaching Halflar's tower the trio break into the top floor through a balcony, finding little of value in the bedroom aside from a ceramic vase filled with ashes and scraps of paper they move down to the middle floor where they find the body of Halflar, missing his whole left arm and an arrow through his left eye, an essence of mist protects the floor warding off the three visitors saying that Halflar's body appeared in the state from thin air and it has no concept of time so is unable to tell when it occurred. Leaving unhappy with lack of answers Kat has a partial breakdown and reveals that Halflar caused the death of two people very close to her. Hearing this Zun consoles saying that he never had a family and would do anything to help Kat get answers, leading the charge Zun returns to the tower with Tak following and warning not to be hasty. Zun kicks down the front door and starts a fight with the mist, after a fight and the mist partially retreating Zun is able to cast speak with dead on Halflar's body, Kat joins shortly after gaining further knowledge about the attack on her and her family. Pleased with the information and taking item's from his body the trio flee before the mist has a chance to fight once more.

Returning to Sunwood Tak and Zun pay a visit to local blacksmiths where Zun learns of a rumour of a forge beneath the city that has been rekindled, the smith is unsure where the beneath Sunwood it would be, if it exists, suspecting that it could be made up to cause unrest and 'reason' to increase security within the city. Talking with Ansley once more Kat pays her for the information on the attempted assassination, checking whether Ansley is truthful, after confirming the same list, Ansley also mentions that she has warned Vaughan that Kat is hunting him, but has not done the same for Oddfang and that she can provide info on Oddfang if Kat pays or cashes in a favour.

A Boot on Sunwood's Throat Session 27
The following morning the members of Blackfyre find Boots asleep in their VIP booth with an empty bottle of wine, surrounded by notes and documents, Tak prepared breakfast slowing waking Boots. After waking Boots takes the group over his findings, while unable to locate Lady Dazran he has pulled together contracts she has picked up, a common theme among the jobs is of nightmares and visions. For Kat, Boots gathered information on Vaughan who went missing 5 days ago and even his guild the Silver Band doesn't know his whereabouts even putting out a public statement, and Oddfang is a high ranking officer within the Chained Anchors so much so he works, eats, and sleeps at their head quarters. Boots also gathered old city maps and designs for Zun revealing that there was a large forge planned and started construction but poor foundation caused it to sink and collapse, many years later Lilian Gate district was built on top.

While Kat began scouting the docks for Oddfang. Boots revealed to Mal, Tak, and Zun that one of the children, Wilcoril, was tasked with following Theresia the CFO from the Gold Alliance, Wilcoril went missing shortly after the assignment, Boots suspects the boy is being kept at The Lady's Fire as Theresia has been making more frequent visits, he wishes to investigate further but with the Unseen Lady's identity still unknown he's held off delving deeper. Boots feels that he owes the half-elf boy and his past self to find Wilcoril, as a young boy before he joined Blackfyre he found himself in a similar situation when he was taken by a gang and no one came looking for him and took a long time to escape.

Fanged Trees Session 28
The day began with a raid on the Gate's base, finding traps still active but easily disarmed the remaining valuables cleared out and returned and divided amongst Blackfyre, Mal tasked Boots with getting the hideout fitted out to be a concealed location for guild business. Mal visits Forvon's Gallery viewing the new piece and confronting Forvon about the possibility of her being a dragon in hiding, Forvon denies the claim however Mal's primeval awareness detects a dragon presences within a mile. Later in the early night the guild including Boots scouted out The Lady's Fire, Mal detects the presence of a fiend and they find a human woman working hard on various books and papers which Boots confirms is not Theresia. They set fire to a shed to draw them outside as Kat slips inside to check and steal the documents, most of the guild escape with the documents as Mal and Boots stay behind to observe, a short time later Theresia emerges to investigate and runs back into the build when suddenly the now blazing shed is instantly quelled. Theresia does not emerge again but Mal and Boots follow the human back to her home in the city simply taking note of it's location before returning to the tavern.

Oddfang Session 29
After Kat's scouting of patrols and locations Rha later spots Oddfang on patrol. Waiting for their moment Kat, Tak, Zun, and Mal set up an ambush at the lighthouse, one of the distant patrol points, the initial surprise fell a bit short however 3 of the 4 guards were quickly killed, the 4th surrendering and limping away. Oddfang seeing his guard fall went on an all out attack killing Kat but he was quickly surrounded and restrained by the remaining members of Blackfyre. While Tak tied Oddfang up Zun revived Kat. All taking the back routes back to the tavern without further trouble.

Job “Interview” Session 30

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