Chapter 1: New lands, new leads

Against the Horde Session 1
The Wizard Owyn has promised Malum a deed to an old tavern named the Tipsy Octopus, and Kat promised transport and a lead on her Wife's and child's killers. All they need to do is hold off an endless horde of orcs and kill their leader before they breach the defences protecting Graycott, upon falling to the orcs each let off powerful magical blasts as they were teleported to Sunwood.

Welcoming Sun Session 2
Malum and Kat appear in Owyn's study alongside Ade and Takitar. The group heads to their new home where they find Boots, a member of Malum's guild from Ostrov. All trying finding a foot in Sunwood they make friends in a tavern two doors down, the Stuffed Badger, and later on testing their luck with stealing a collection of potions from an alchemist alongside some jewellery and equipment from a general store.

Fancy Boots! Session 3
Waking up the following morning, Boots departs and begins his search for intel and new locks while Malum checks in with her new contacts at the Stuffed Badger where Thomas, the owner, asks that Malum return after sunset for a potential job. The group goes onto a scouting and shopping trip, after acquiring some minor magical items and furniture for their new home, Mal returns to the Badger and learns of a incoming shipment surrounded in mystery, perking Kat's interest she goes to the docks to starting scouting the area but ends up in a confrontation resulting in her falling unconscious in the water

4.5 Lives Session 4
The group awakens to find Kat missing, having not returned from the scouting mission. Immediately leaving to check the docks they find there was a disturbance on one of the boats last night, after some investigation and talking with Boots' contact within the Torment of Claws they learn that the Claws has captured a would be thief that interuptted their job.
A deal is eventually reached, Kat's freedom for two boxes of wine, accepting the deal Kat is let out, the group returns home as the tavern is reopened and business is established.

Shire Cannibal Session 5
Picking up a contract to deal with a cannibal the newly formed business delves into the woods and fights with the cannibal ending in its demise as the head is removed and cottage burnt down.

Dual Heist Session 6
The Blackfyre Corporation establishes itself and to prove their abilities pull off two heists in one night. Their first target, the Springbok carrying a large amount of wine and rum, the group steals enough to pay their debt to the Torment of Claws and some more to supply their bar and personal stash, with the goods away the Springbok was set alight to provide a distraction to their second target, the Caroline a mystery ship with minimal crew upon boarding and going below the deck they find a Barbed Devil guarding a crate and a scroll case, during the fight the Caroline is set ablaze by the devil but the Blackfyre crew escape with loot in hand.

Empty graves Session 7
After their successful heist the group picks up a contract to investigate graves that are being dug up at Lily Vale Cemetery. After setting traps they hid until the traps were sprung by a corpse collector and a few zombies it had created. Quickly dispatching it after it stabbed Takitar.

Unholy Pleasure Session 8
Picking up a job from the Temple of Tyr to clear out a whore house taken over by succubui, the Blackfyre corp tries blending into the crowd, Kat puts coin down for 'services' shortly after being seperated from the group Kat is killed and the rest are ambushed by succubui, after riding the initial threat a cleric sent to aid in the job revives Kat, upon further investigation a basement is found with plentiful rations and supplies, some of which are donated to the Temple.

Market stroll Session 9
After talking with Master Wizard Owyn, the group set out to investigate magical interferance in Lilian's Gate. On their way they stroll through the markets, finding a hidden in plain sight drug trade, later in the day Ade spies a magical amulet which is retrieved after an elaborate distraction. After the successful theft they settle in and wait until nightfall below making their move on the house radiating magic.

Mimic House Session 10
Continuing Owyn's contract the group enter the magical house finding it empty, walls shift, doors disappear and group find themselves trapped and fighting Mimics, Malum turns on the group attacking them but quickly revealed she had been swapped and replaced by a mimic, real Malum breaks free and group kills the house sized mimic as its form reverts to an amorphous heap of flesh, Kat's detect magic guides Takitar to find clothes that shift and change.

Chapter 2: Torment of Claws

Ghostly Leads Session 11
Malum is woken up by Boots before sunrise, informing her that a ghostly visitor is refusing to leave until she's spoken with the owner. The tiefling ghost Naomi after learning the original owner is no longer around requests help or find someone that can. Naomi wants revenge for her husband handing her into the guard. A meeting is set up with the Torment of Claws to ensure no toes are being stepped on, after confirming all good they enter Gormon's house, knocking him out and tying him up.

Naomi & Gormon Session 12

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