Folgo Decota

Content Used
[1] Player's Handbook
[2] Xanatha's Guide to Everything
[3] Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

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Name / Titles: Folgo Decota
Class: Inquisitive Rogue
Eloquence Bard
Divination Wizard
Species: Tabaxi
Nationality: Retonite
Home: -

Character Information

Background: Criminal
Born: 3rd Wednesday, Harvest
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Languages: Common
Thief's Cant
Tools: Thief's Tools
Gear: Light Armour
Simple Weapons
Crossbows, Longbows
Rapiers, Shortswords
Saves: Dexterity
Profession: Thief, Assassin
Affiliation: Blacklist
Decota Family
Faith: -

Physical Description

Type: Humanoid
Height: 3.9ft \ 119cm
Weight: 121lbs \ 55kg (Average)
Size: Small (1×1)
Fur Colour: Ash Black
Fur Details: Orange
Eyes: Black eyes, Orange ring
Hair: Orange
Gender: Male


Partner: Velvin Welington
Mother: Chaos Decota
Father: Teo Hazzak
Siblings: Paprika

Other Quirks

Favorite Food: Hunter's Pie, Meat Stick
Favorite Drink: Absinthe 4)
Games: Cards & Dice
Hobbies: -
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Music: Atmospheric Piano

Stories & Campaigns

Heist on the Forvon Gallery: Player Character


Level 13
(5 Rogue)
(6 Bard)
(2 Wizard)
Base Total
78 of 108
InitSpeed Prof
+030ft +00
Health Armor ClassP.Perception
00 00 00
6(-2) 19(+4) 8(-1)
16(+3) 16(+3) 16(+3)

Bold Stat = Proficiency in Stat

+9 Medicine
Animal Handling
+5 Nature
+5 Perception EX
+0 Performance
+7 Persuasion
+5 Religion
+8 Sleight of Hand EX
+4 Stealth EX
Investigation EX
+13 Survival

Bold Stat = Proficiency in Skill

Spell/Ability Modifier

Bard Spell Casting
Ability: Charisma
Save DC Modifier
00 00
Wizard Spell Casting
Ability: Intelligence
Save DC Modifier
00 00

Ever since he was young, Folgo has always been good at making trouble. His first game of hide and seek even as a youngling showed he had great natural talent in the art of stealth, stealing treats from the kitchen and getting into places his parents couldn't follow.
He enjoys the thrill of the heist, bagging precious items and making it out completely unnoticed gives Folgo his personal sence of satisfaction.
Folgo isn't very strong physically and is prone to getting sick easily, causing him to develop a habit of keeping clean. Folgo is terrified of monstrous creatures such as Hydras or Beholders and cannot stand going through magic portals much like his Father. Primal creatures are much harder to predict and read then typical self centred mortals.

Folgo is, at a glance, an easy going young man with an eye for shiny objects and loves a good bar story. He loves to show off and roll the dice when money is up for grabs, Winning many games due to his quick sneaky paws.
He has a strong sense of loyalty to family and friends, With a strong desire to make people he dislikes suffer. Often getting into sticky situations he has learned when to swallow his pride and play the submissive card to get out scot free. Folgo's attitude towards people relates directly to his knowledge of them, But is never naïve enough to loose focus of the situation. Knowing what to say when to say it getting out of trouble as easily as he gets into trouble and only ever planned trouble. Folgo doesn't make small talk, if Folgo strikes up a conversation you can bet its to gain something, information, a coin purse or something more sinister.
Folgo is always planning his next score and people he has grown a relationship with will normally be let in on his activity often as a way of bragging but more so if things go south his friends can vouch for him….hopefully.
Folgo is always on the lookout for good heist opportunities and normally spends his nights working. Making him sleep long into the day.
He isn't a fan of getting involved with situations much bigger then him unless its starting the situation. Politics, War, Ancient evils coming to take revenge on the world, He steers clear of all of that.

Due to Folgo's nature it normally takes some convincing to make new friends.
Folgo has a habit of keeping very clean and not consuming things that may be spoiled or soiled for risk of sickness. A bit of a germaphobe he steers clear away from signs of sickness by other creatures and avoids getting dirty as much as possible. Bits of mould on bread or bruises on fruit means the entire item is contaminated and will not eat it.
it’s part of the reason he rarely gets up close and personal to his targets as blood stains are very troublesome especially on his fur.
he will often cast magic to check for poison or diseases.
Folgo is absolutely terrified of monstrosities such as beholders, hydras and other similar creatures with the inability to be reasoned with, he would prefer a dragon over a terasque any day of the week because with the dragon he could maybe talk his way out of being eaten.
Magical transportation is another thing Folgo refuses to have any part of. Unless otherwise forced or convinced he will steer clear away from portals of any kind.

Through the Grapevine Folgo has heard of a new Guild taking root in Covania. Still Yong but with a large amount of experience Folgo hopes to find a position with the new Guild known as Blackfyre.
Having no such luck as of yet Folgo remains with Blacklist. Perhaps an opportunity will arise later.

Criminal is such a harsh word, Folgo prefers the term professional when talking about his work.
From a young age he was always naturally gifted in the art of thievery which was noticed by the underbelly of Reton known as Black list.
He took a position with them under the guidance of a veteran member who taught him how to hone his skills.
Folgo learned not only the ways of the rogue but a few other con artists taught him a few new age tricks such as the magic to see glimpse of the future and play sweet musical lies can get you in just as easily as sneaking through a window, plus if you get caught its always good to talk your way out.

Criminal Specialty
There are many kinds of criminals, and within Blacklist, individual members have particular specialties. Even criminals who operate outside of such organizations have strong preferences for certain kinds of crimes over others.
Folgo prefers to work as a classic thief. Under the cover of darkness sneaking into places and stealing shiny objects us what he is know for and what he is best at. However something that he doesn't like to admit but he is also very good at assassination but very rarely takes those types of jobs and charges an extraordinary high amount of coin and details for taking such jobs. Especially after the first one he did.

Things are bound to go wrong, its the higher powers way of making sure we don't get stagnent…at least that's what the wizard once told me. but I am prepared. I make sure things don't go wrong and if they do i always have a plan B and C waiting. No matter what may come my way i am ready for it. Even if that plan involves running as fast and as far away from the problem as I can its still something I have planned for.

I can't help but scout out any new town or city I go to, I'm always looking for something valuable, it the way I make a living and its always a thrill to pull off. I don't ever feel guilty about taking things, my targets are normally the better off and can afford to loose. i consider it a challenge and if I pass their challenge then I have earned whatever I take. that's why I swear not to be seen.

Friends are much more valuable then enemies anyone with a brain could understand that, and the higher up your friends are the more stuff i can get away with. it also means more work for me in the long term. job security is important. Friend re also nice to have around. anyone else can take a long walk off a short cliff for all I care.

Its bad practice to steal from other thieves…unless that thief is a jerk or just bad at their job, then its fair game. That is something the people at Blacklist taught me.

My ill-gotten gains go to support my family.

I will become the greatest thief that ever lived

I turn tail and run when things look bad

Folgo's Hideout

Folgo learned Infernal from her Grand-Mother, She said it was heritage that she wanted to pass down and because Chaos was having so many children Folgo had to learn from Ravi instead of his mother.
He picked up Orcish when working with a clan as a member of Blacklist. His knowledge isn't perfect but its more than enough for daily chatter and eavesdropping on others.
A licorice flavored liquor, with a clear green tint. To serve correctly, the bartender places a spoon over a filled glass of absinthe, with the sugar cube on it, underneath one of the taps on the fountain. Water slowly drips onto the sugar until it has dissolved.
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